Japanese name マガトゥー
Nationality German
Birthday September 17
Height 169 cm (JBC)
Weight 59 kg (JBC)
Blood type A
Position(s) Defender
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa (1981) manga chapter 90 "Big gathering in Paris!!"
Level Team Number
National Olympic Germany 5
Youth National Germany Youth
Junior Youth National West Germany Jr. Youth 5

Magath is a German defender.


J Boys' Challenge ArcEdit

During the match between Japan and Italy, when Franz Schester and Manfred Margus note of Gino Hernandez's talent as a keeper and how their own West German team hasn't got a good player for that position, Magath is the one saying there's a rumor that the Phantom Keeper will join the team.

West Germany beat Canada and Portugal with ease in the group stage, with Karl Heinz Schneider scoring a hat-trick each match.

During the semifinal, Magath is the one responsible for Uruguay's free kick. That doesn't affect the team though, as Müller easily catches Ramon Victorino's shot. They win the match 6-1.

However, in the finals, West Germany lose 2-3 against Japan Jr..

Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

The Strongest Opponent! Netherlands Youth

It is mentioned that sometimes between the International Jr. Youth Tournament and the World Youth preliminaries, Netherlands Youth defeated Germany 3-1.

World Youth Tournament

Magath is among the players of Germany participating in the World Youth. They easily win the first two matches against Colombia and America in the group stage. However they are beaten 3-5 by Sweden in the last match of the stage. The Swedish team, had studied Germany extensively and used that knowledge to defeat the Germans, also injuring their keeper Müller in the process. Germany go on to win their quarter-final game against Argentina 3-2, but lose to Brazil in the semi-final by 0-5.

Rising Sun ArcEdit

Magath is selected as part of Olympic Germany.

To be added as series progresses

Trivia Edit

  • His name is translated as Magdt in the German edition.