Luciano Leo
Japanese name ルシアーノ・レオ
Nationality Brazilian
Birthday August 3
Height 175 cm (BWY)
Weight 61 kg (BWY)
Blood type B
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
World Youth Hen (1994) chapter 8 "Santana starts!"
Level Team Number
National Olympic Brazil
Youth National Brazil Youth 7
Club Kashima Antlers 35
Club CR Flamengo 12
Youth Club Bara FC

Leo is a Brazilian midfielder. He is Carlos Santana's childhood friend. The two used to play together in CR Flamengo and form a brilliant combi. Leo is the one who understand Santana the best.

He is currently playing for Kashima Antlers, a J-League team. He's the counterpart to real-life player Leonardo Nascimento de Araujo.


Prior to the Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

Leo first met Santana when both were playing for the under 15 team of Bara FC. Leo wondered how Santana got a good ball control, and asked the latter about that. Santana replied that one must be friend with the ball. Ever since, the two practiced and played soccer together.

Some times later, after Santana was adopted by Barsole Bara, Leo found out about Santana's life in the Bara's house - the life of a machine without a heart. Therefore, he tried to help Santana escape twice. However, since Bara have power in his town, Santana had refused, forsaking their friendship in order to protect Leo, his friends and their families from Bara's clan.

Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

Soccer Cyborg Santana's Chapter

Leo is now part of CR Flamengo, along with Santana, who retrieved his freedom 1 year ago. The match that will decide the champion of the Brazil National Championship is between CR Flamengo and Sao Paulo FC.

During the second half of the match, since the players of Flamengo refuse to pass to Santana, resulting in Sao Paulo widening the difference to 2 goals, Flamengo's coach decides to put Leo in. As soon as he enters, the other players tell him not to pass to Santana. As he inwardly comment that this isn't the true spirit of pros, he ignores that, and sends the ball to Santana immediately after he got it. Santana scores after that.

Leo later does a successful passcut and then gives the ball to Santana again. As Santana defeats Tsubasa Ozora in their following clash, Leo tells Tsubasa that he can't win against Santana whose only friend is the ball. Meanwhile, Santana scores the tying goal. Later, Sao Paulo is awarded a free kick. During this, Leo manages to foresee Sao Paulo's trick play, but can't jump high enough to block Tsubasa's Flying Drive Shoot. Nevertheless, the shot is stopped by Santana.

When Tsubasa blocks Santana's Rolling Overhead with his face and then tells the later why soccer is enjoyable, Leo thinks that Tsubasa may be the one who will melt Santana's frozen heart. Sao Paulo soon scores the victorious goal. Leo then tells Santana that the emotionless soccer of Carlos Bara won't be able to win against Tsubasa, and he has to retrieve Carlos Santana's soccer, playing with the love for soccer, excitement and trust, which is what Tsubasa just did in the match. Leo ensures Santana that he's also his close friend, not just the ball, and everyone who loves soccer in Brazil is part of Santana's family. Realizing that, Santana's once frozen heart is indeed melted.

Preparations for the World Youth

Leo, along with Santana, is part of the Brazilian Youth team, training under Roberto Hongo, Tsubasa's mentor. At some point after the end of first round of the Asian preliminaries, in Brazil, Brazil Youth crush Uruguay Youth 10-0 in a test match.

World Youth Tournament

Brazil easily win all 3 matches in the group stage of the World Youth. In the quarterfinals, they faced Uruguay, who they had beaten 10-0 earlier, again. Despite Uruguay's improvements, Brazil still win with a great difference, 6-0. They then proceed to beat Germany 5-0 in the semifinals, advancing to the finals with 30 goals scored, no goals taken, and the ace Santana achieving a hat-trick in every match.

The final match is against Japan. After 20 minutes, Santana and Leo decides that they'll go for real. They use their Vertical Combi Play, and with his Fake Santana Turn, Leo manages to lure Japan's defender and then sets up a perfect goal chance for Santana. Tsubasa comes back to blocks Santana's shot, however. The first half ends 0-0.

At the 14th minute of the second half, Santana, Leo and Pepe performs a combi play. This play gives Santana a chance to shoot, and he manages to scores with 2 successive shots. Later, Leo sets up another chance for Santana with a backpass, who unleashes the Tornado Arrow Sky Wing Shoot, the ultimate shot. The shot is stopped by Genzo Wakabayashi however, and Japan scores the tying goal from the following counter attack.

Japan reverse the score at the 88th minute. Even though Brazil's secret weapon, Natureza, scores the tying goal during loss time, Tsubasa eventually scores the V Goal for Japan, and Brazil loses 2-3.

Road to 2002 ArcEdit

Leo and Pepe go to Japan and join the Kashima Antlers in the J-League.

During Antlers' match against Vissel Kobe in the J-League, the opponent Vissel scores first thanks to Kazuki Sorimachi and Kazuyoshi Miura. However, Antlers reverse the situation, with the 3 goals of Pepe, Leo and Atsushi Yanagisawa. Despite Vissel's effort to catch up, Antlers still manages to win with a score of 4-2.

Rising Sun ArcEdit

Leo is part of Olympic Brazil. The team has a strengthening match against Belgium, and they swiftly crush the opponent, with Santana and Natureza achieving a hat-trick each.

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Abilities and Special techniques Edit

  • Vertical Combi Play
  • Fake Santana Turn/Trick Pass
  • Twin Shoot (with Pepe)

Image Edit