Leon Dijk
Japanese name レオン・ディック
Nickname(s) Giant, Iron Wall Defender
Nationality Dutch
Position(s) Libero
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa: The Strongest Opponent! Netherlands Youth
Level Team Number
National Olympic Netherlands 5
National Netherlands Youth 4
Club Ajax Amsterdam

Profile Edit

Leon Dijk is the libero of the Netherlands Youth. He and Hans Dolman form Netherlands' giant combi, making an impregnable defense. He has good physical strength, and that makes his shot really strong. In the third match against Japan of the campaign, he overlapped and fired a shot, however it was stopped by Wakashimazu and Jito. Later in the match, he had a violent clash with his teammate, Dolman and both of them had to leave on stretchers.

Special techniques Edit

  • Total Football
  • Megaton Shoot
  • Power Defense
  • Power Dribble

Anime exclusiveEdit

  • Sliding Tackle
  • High Speed Formation


His name and appearance are based on the Dutch mixed martial artist Dick Vrij

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