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Japanese name ラーソン
Nickname(s) Knight of the Midnight Sun
Nationality Swedish
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
World Youth saga (chapter 46)
Level Team Number
National Sweden 7
Club Unnamed Spanish club

Larsson is a Swedish midfielder. Along with Stefan Levin, Brolin and Fredericks, they form the four knights of the midnight sun (Byakuya no 4 Kishi). He was part of the Viking Project, a plan of Sweden to assimilate the soccer of other countries. With that purpose, he plays in an unnamed Spanish club. He is most likely based in the real life player Henrik Larsson, who at the time of the original manga had a similar look.


  • S.S.S. (Speedy Sliding Shoot): A shot done at full speed while Larsson slides on the field.
Larsson SSS

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