Kumi Sugimoto
Kumi sugimoto
Japanese name 杉本久美
Other names Susy (Europe)
Eva Toscano (Latin America)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Nankatsu manager (BC)
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa manga chapter 51 "Opening Ceremony"

Kumi Sugimoto (杉本 久美, sugimoto kumi) is the 2nd Nankatsu manager in Middle School. She is a friend and kouhai of Sanae, with whom she does not only share her love of football but also is in love with Tsubasa. She's a bit more straight-forward than Sanae, and no doubt she does confess her feelings to Tsubasa but, in turn, he confesses that he loves Sanae. Kumi warns him to hurry to declare to Sanae (since Kanda was around her at the time). After this incident, she continued to encourage the Nankatsu and the All-Japan Youth team and is one of the usual crowd in the selection.

She is known as Susy in Europe, and Eva Toscano in the Latin American Dub (1983 Anime).

Image Edit

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