Kumi Sugimoto (杉本 久美, Sugimoto Kumi) is the 2nd assistant manager in Nankatsu middle school during the Boys' Fight arc. She does also appear in the Holland Youth Manga Special and was supporting Nankatsu until the Golden Generation ended high school.


She is a young girl, who is kouhai of the rest of the Nankatsu gang, attending first year of Junior High. She has cute eyes which expresses her somewhat naïve and straight-forward personality. She has brown/dark brown hair and wears two ponytails, which are shorter than Yukari (longer in the 1983 anime). In the Battle of World Youth saga, she cuts her hair short after the Asian preliminaries arc.


Boys' Fight arcEdit

She is a friend and kouhai of Sanae, with whom she does not only share her love of football but also is in love with Nankatsu's captain, Tsubasa. She's a bit more straight-forward than Sanae, and no doubt she does confess her feelings to Tsubasa but, in turn, he confesses that he does indeed love Sanae. Kumi tells him that she already knew that, but it did really helped her confessing her feelings to clear her doubts. She goes as far as to warn him to hurry to declare to Sanae (since Koshi Kanda was around her at the time).

J Boys' Challenge arc/ Battle of World Youth sagaEdit

After this incident, she continued to encourage Nankatsu middle school, Nankatsu high school, and the All Japan Youth team, and is usually part of the supporters in the national selection team. She was worried for the J-boys fate at all times and was normally accompanied by her grandmother who is a fortune teller and she herself was sensitive to predicting or anticipating some events during the series, until Yukari told her to stop that and be more possitive towards the team after the quarter-finals between Japan Youth and Sweden.

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