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Kodai Oozora


大空 広大
Marine captain
Natsuko Ozora (wife)
Tsubasa Ozora (son)
Daichi Ozora (son)
Sanae Nakazawa (daughter-in-law)
Nankatsu, Shizuoka
First appereance:
Captain Tsubasa manga chapter 1 (mentioned)
Captain Tsubasa anime episode 1 (mentioned)

Kodai Ozora is the father of Tsubasa and Daichi and husband of Natsuko. He works as a marine captain and is away most of the time, so the boys are raised mostly by their mother. Daichi was born sometime after Tsubasa left Japan. He is very good friend of Roberto Hongo and even prevented a suicide attempt of him. He is described as tall, thin man with black mustache.

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