Kazumasa Oda
Player 71387
Japanese name 小田 和正
Nationality Japanese
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 15
Level Team Number
Youth national U-13 Japan 12
Club Consadole Sapporo
Junior Furano middle school 11

Profile Edit

Oda is one of the player of the Furano soccer team, and Matsuyama's best friend. He had been playing soccer with Matsuyama since elementary school.

In middle school, Oda was Furano's center forward and also the team's goal getter. However, in the quarter final, against Minamiuwa, he was in a bad condition, and had missed 2 goal chances. Despite that, Matsuyama still trust him. Thanks to that, he was able to recover and scored the victorious goal. Furano couldn't win the semi final against Nankatsu though.

Oda followed Matsuyama to Furano high school. In World Youth series, Oda was also selected to be one member of the All Japan Youth. However he didn't play any matches.

In Road to 2002, Oda joined Consadole Sapporo along with Matsuyama.

In Rising Sun, he was selected as part of the U-23 Japan National Team members for the Olympics, but only as a backup member.

Special techniques Edit

Games exclusive Edit

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