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Karl Heinz Schneider
Japanese name カール・ハインツ・シュナイダー
Nickname(s) Young Emperor, Emperor, Golden Goal Getter
Nationality German
Birthday July 4
Height 179 cm (BWY)
171 cm (JBC)
Weight 66 kg (BWY)
58 kg (JBC)
Blood type O
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa anime episode 98 "Feverish ravings"
Level Team Number
National Germany 11
Club FC Bayern Munich 11
Junior Hamburger SV Jr. Youth 10

Karl Heinz Schneider is the captain, ace striker and one of the players of Germany. He is also the guy whom Genzo admired the most when he was in Germany since many shots from Schneider were untouchable. He can be called the European version of Tsubasa Ozora since they're surprisingly similar in looks (their only real differences are the eye and hair colors; Tsubasa has black hair and black eyes, while Schneider has blond hair and blue eyes). Schneider is very sweet and kind in real life (he loves his family dearly, specially after his parent's close divorce), but he is very dangerous on the field and is a very noble and dignified rival to Genzo. He is likely inspired by Bayern Munich and Germany forward, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Synopsis Edit

Captain Tsubasa Arc Edit

Having the football talent of his father, Schneider has led the Hamburg Jr. Youth to be the No. 1 team in West Germany. Schneider's father was the coach of Hamburg, but he was fired because of a disagreement with Schmidt, a player of the team. Because of this, Schneider was often called the "son of the bungler coach". However, this didn't discourage Schneider, because he loves soccer and always tries to be the best of the world. In the friendly match against Japan, he scored 5 goals and made Hamburg win 5-1. In the International Jr. Youth tournaments, he achieved hat-trick in every game before the final match. In the final match, he had shown the German spirit while acknowledging the strength of All Japan. The match was also the last duel between Schneider and Wakabayashi before the Bundesliga. After the match, he had his professional debut in Munich at the age of 15.

World Youth Arc Edit

Schneider also participates in the World Youth as Germany's captain. Germany Youth is led by Schneider's father, as the team's coach. They win the first 2 matches in the group stage easily, however they lose to Sweden by 3-5 in the last match of the stage. Also, in the match, the keeper Müller is injured in both arms. They manage to defeat Argentina in the quarter-final by 3-2, but in the semi-final they lose to Brazil by 0-5.

Road to 2002 Arc Edit

Along with Stefan Levin and Shunko Sho, Schneider is now playing for the Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. In the clash with Hamburg SV, Kaltz scores the opening goal, giving Hamburg the lead. As a result, Bayern use their Storm of Shoot, however Wakabayashi plays wonderfully, thus they cannot score any goal in the first half. But in the second half, with the tactic of the coach, Schneider's father, Bayern successes in scoring the tying goal. And, in the loss time, Schneider manages to reverse the score, giving Bayern victory.

Golden 23 ArcEdit

To be added as series progresses

Special techniquesEdit

  • Fire Shot: Schneider strikes a powerful shot straight to the goal with fire that burns the ball
  • Non Fire: Schneider uses his left leg to perform a curve shot.
  • Neo Fire Shot: Enhanced version of Fire Shot.
  • Top Spin Shoot: A shot in which after the ball bounces, its speed increases.
  • Dragon's Roar: Bayern's ultimate circulating shoot, created from Levin's Levin Shoot, Sho's Handou Shuu Soku Jin Hou and Schneider's Fire Shot.
  • Emperor Tackle
  • Straight Line Dribble
  • Vindictive Play

Anime exclusiveEdit

  • T-Spin Pass: A pass that after ball bounces,its way curves.
  • Mirage Shot: A powerful shot that when the ball approaches to the G-k,the ball looks like a group of balls.

Games exclusive Edit

Image Edit

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