Jump Super Animation Captain Tsubasa
TYCY-5404 front
Front cover
Released 1994-11-02
Type OST album
Artist(s) FACE FREE
Composer(s) Unknown
Label Toshiba EMI
Catalog no. TYCY-5404
Media 1 CD
Tracks 22

Jump Super Animation Captain Tsubasa (ジャンプスーパーアニメーション キャプテン翼), also know as Captain Tsubasa Jump Super Animation, Captain Tsubasa and Captain Tsubasa Saikyo no Teki! Holland Youth Original Soundtrack, is the soundtrack album the 1994 movie Captain Tsubasa: Saikyo no Teki! Holanda Youth based on the manga of the same name. A bootleg Chinese version of the album is informally known as Captain Tsubasa World Youth OST.


  1. Try! (performed by FACE FREE)
  2. Donnani Tooku Hanaretemo (どんなに遠く離れても) (performed by FACE FREE)
  3. Sekai wa Break Out (世界はBREAK OUT) (performed by FACE FREE)
  4. Ashita e no Tobira (明日への扉) (performed by FACE FREE)
  5. Kaze no Michi de (風の道で) (performed by FACE FREE)
  6. Subtitle (サブタイトル) <BGM>
  7. Ressei (劣勢) <BGM>
  8. Kanzen na Haiboku (完全な敗北) <BGM>
  9. Omoi Kuuki (重い空気) <BGM>
  10. Tsubasa no Kunou (翼の苦悩) <BGM>
  11. Douyou suru Member (動揺するメンバー) <BGM>
  12. Kasuka na Kibou (微かな希望) <BGM>
  13. Tokkun (特訓) <BGM>
  14. Toushi o Moyashite (闘志をもやして) <BGM>
  15. Kick-off (キックオフ) <BGM>
  16. Goal Mezashite (ゴール目ざして) <BGM>
  17. Holanda Youth no Kougeki I (オランダユースの攻撃I) <BGM>
  18. Holanda Youth no Kougeki II (オランダユースの攻撃II) <BGM>
  19. Hisou na Ketsui (悲壮な決意) <BGM>
  20. Kaette Kita Hero (帰ってきたヒーロー) <BGM>
  21. Shouri ni Mukatte (勝利に向って) <BGM>
  22. Rival (ライバル) <BGM>


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