Johan Rensenbrink
Rensenbrink WY
Japanese name ヨハン・レンセンブリンク
Nickname(s) Cool Scorer
Nationality Dutch
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa: World Youth Tokubetsu Hen - Saikyo no Teki! Holanda Youth (1993)
Level Team Number
National Olympic Netherlands 12
Youth National Netherlands Youth 12
Club AFC Ajax

Johan Rensenbrink is a Dutch player.

During the time when he was part of Netherlands Youth, Rensenbrink formed a two top with Gert Keizer. He later switches to midfielder position during the Madrid Olympics.

Synopsis Edit

Prior to the Battle of World Youth Arc Edit

Rensenbrink, along with other young players who would soon become the main members of the Dutch youth team, was gathered by the scoutman Denis Kramer. They then became the members of AFC Ajax.

Battle of World Youth Arc Edit

The Strongest Opponent! Netherlands Youth

During Netherlands Youth's campaign in Europe, they won against every opponent in Germany, France and Italy. They then made another campaign in Asia, where they keep winning without taking a single goal.

The last opponent of the Asia campaign is Japan. The first two matches were easy victory, 6-0 and 7-0, with Keizer and Rensenbrink scoring most of the goals. For the third match, Japan had the addition of Tsubasa Ozora, who had just returned from Brazil. With Jun Misugi's advice, Japan's defenders thoroughly marked Keizer and Rensenbrink during the first half.

In the second half, a combi play between Rensenbrink and Keizer had led to scoring chance, but Ken Wakashimazu stopped Keizer's shot. Later, a violent clash between Hans Dolman and Leon Dick forced both of them to leave on stretchers. Without the two pivots in their defense, Netherlands lost 1-10.

World Youth Tournament

Netherlands was in the same group with Argentina, South Korea and Ghana. With 3 wins, they end up first in the group. In the quarter-final, they won 3-1 against France. However, in the semi-final, they lost 0-1 to All Japan during extra time.

Rising Sun ArcEdit

To be added as series progresses

Abilities and Special techniques Edit

Anime exclusiveEdit

  • High Speed Formation

Games exclusiveEdit


  • His name is derived from a combination of the names of Dutch forwards Johan Cruyff and Pieter Robert "Rob" Rensenbrink.
    • His nickname, Cool Scorer, also seems to be in homage to the latter, who was known to tell goalkeepers where he would place his penalties before beating them there.
    • Also, he wears the same number as Rob Rensenbrink in the 1978 World Cup.