Iuliano Gozza
Japanese name ユリアーノ・ゴッツァ
Nationality Italian
Position(s) Defender
First appearance
Road to 2002 chapter 145 (Go for 2006 chapter 1)
Level Team Number
Club AC Reggiana 21

Iuliano Gozza is a former Serie A player and the current captain of the Serie C1 AC Reggiana.


Gozza is a veteran giocatore (Italian for soccer player), having played in the Serie A; now nearing retirement age, he plays for AC Reggiana, the team of his hometown, and his objective is to lead it to the Serie A before retiring. Having played as a defensive midfielder in his prime, he now plays centerback.

Managing a restaurant as a side job, other than being the heart of the team, he has greatly helped Hyuga  since he joined the team, frequently inviting him to his restaurant for a healthy meal, and giving him aid to improve his skills on the field (Hyuga mentioned that the first time he couldn't get past Gozza at all).

In the pivotal match against FC Albese that would settle which team would be promoted to the Serie B, he showed both great judgement in predicting the opponent's play (thanks to his experience) and great leadership, repeatedly blocking the opponents' attacks (most notably, Aoi's last shoot) and sending forward the ball to get Hyuga a goal chance. His efforts were critical for Reggiana's 3-2 victory, although in the end both teams gained promotion to the Serie B.

Trivia Edit

  • Gozza's restaurant's name, Ristorante 21, is inspired by his back number.