Italy Jr. Youth
Flag of Italy
Japanese イタリアジュニア(Jr.)ユース
Nickname Blue Lightning
Captain Gino Hernandez
Italy Jr. Youth
The Italy Jr. Youth, led by captain and goalkeeper Gino Hernandez, appears in Shin Captain Tsubasa (OVA) and Road to 2002, as well as a flash-back in Captain Tsubasa J, where Tsubasa Ozora challenged all Italy Jr. to a duel in the friendly matches before the International Jr. World Championship on the J Boys' Challenge arc.

Colors Edit

  • Manga: Blue shirt with  green-white-red stripes collar stripes and sleeve borders, white shorts and blue socks with a green-white-red stripe on top. This color scheme is reminiscent of Italy uniform at 1982 World Cup.
Italy Shin Captain Tsubasa early colors
  • 1989 OVA: Green shirt with white sleeve borders and white collar stripes, green shorts and white socks.
  • In an early promotional picture of the OVA, it can be seen that Italy originally was planned to have a blue uniform consistent of a blue shirt with white sleeve borders and white collar stripes, white shorts and blue socks with a white stripe on top.
  • 1994 Anime: Azure shirt with black sleeve borders and black collar stripes, green shorts and azure socks.
  • 2001 Anime: Blue shirt with white sleeve borders, white shorts and blue socks.


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International Jr. Youth Tournament Edit

Group stage

Strategy Edit

Hernandez clear ball
With Hernandez as main core of the Italian team, his teammates follow his instructions. That is why Italy Jr. plays defensively and waits for counterattacks. If Gino clears the ball, the team immediately initiates the counterattack. Examples are not only the game in the group stage against All Japan Jr., but also the friendly match against Bremen Jr. This also creates the first goal for Italy in the official encounter against Japan.

Squad Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Gino Hernandez Captain
3 Dimos Marinho[1]
6 Bassarello
9 Golbate
10 Torino
4 Federico
5 Francesco
7 Conti
8 Mateo
2/3 Tardelli [2]
11 Andrea
12/9 Gentile [3]

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Notes Edit

  1. This player's full name is never shown. However, in the manga, he is called Dimos by a teammate of his, and in 3109 Days Perfect Data, his last name is shown as Marinho.
  2. Tardelli is shown wearing number 3 when Tsubasa challenges Italy Jr. Youth after their match against Bremen Jr. Youth.
  3. At the beginning of the match, his jersey was shown to have number 9 on the back. This is a mistake though, because the number 9 was later confirmed as Golbate's.
  4. This player is shown cutting a pass during the match against All Japan Jr. Youth. However, he isn't mentioned in 3109 Days Perfect Data.