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Inchon Cha
Japanese name 車 仁天
Nickname(s) Strong Tiger
Nationality South Korean
Birthday September 10
Height 180 cm (BWY)
Weight 74 kg (BWY)
Blood type O
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
World Youth Hen (1994) chapter 34 "Moment of victory!!"
Level Team Number
Youth National South Korea Youth 9
Club Borussia VfL Mönchengladbach

Profile Edit

Inchon Cha (Cha Inchon, Cha In-Cheon) is South Korea Youth representative. He and Yonun I form a two top. He was injured in a clash with Shunko Sho, therefore he could not play in the Asian preliminaries. He was also participating in the Bundesliga along with I, playing for Borussia MG.

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