Hokuheki Downhiller
Weekly Shonen Jump 1989 18
Cover of the magazine where the story was originally published
Author Yoichi Takahashi
Publisher Shueisha
Original run #1989-04-17
Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump #18 (1989)
Demographic Shonen

Hokuheki Downhiller!! (北壁ダウンヒラー!!), translated as Northern cliff downhiller, is a 45-page long one-shot manga by Yoichi Takahashi focused on the sport of alpine skiing. The comic was first published in Shueisha shonen magazine Weekly Shonen Jump issue #18 (1989) (cover date #1989-04-17).

Hokuheki Downhiller!! was lated compiled in 1996 in the tankobon volume Captain Tsubasa: World Youth Tokubetsu Hen - Saikyo no Teki! Holanda Youth, and in 2014 in the bunkobon volume 100m Jumper: Takahashi Yoichi Kessakushu.

Since World Youth Tokubetsu Hen was released in Italy, France and other French-speaking countries in 2004, Hokuheki Downhiller!! is also available in those languages under the title Il downhiller della parete Nord (Italian) and Défi à la face nord (French).


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