Kojiro vs Misaki (High School)
These are the known japanese schools soccer teams during the High School Championships in Captain Tsubasa (Prologue of Hollanda Special arc).

The top players of each main teams are part of the Japanese Golden Generation, who previously shone on the Middle school championship and were selected by coach Tatsuo Mikami as the best 24 players who were invited for the training camp of All Japan Youth (Hollanda Special and Battle of World Youth arcs, respectively).

It should be noted that during these three years of high school soccer competions, Tsubasa Ozora succesfully achieved his dream of becoming a pro soccer player for São Paulo FC in Brazil with his coach Roberto Hongo, the same as Genzo Wakabayashi for Hamburger SV in Germany.

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These teams are the main teams during the National high school tournament[1].

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  1. Mentioned in the Captain Tsubasa Holland Youth Manga Special.