Hatsukoi Doshi
Fresh Jump 1982-10-01
Cover of the magazine where the story was first published
Author Yoichi Takahashi
Publisher Shueisha
Original run #1982-10-01 (one-shot)
Magazine Fresh Jump October issue (1982)
Demographic Shonen

Hatsukoi Doshi (初恋同士, hatsukoi doushi, roughly translated as First loves) is a 47-page long one-shot romantic comedy manga by Yoichi Takahashi focused on the Japanese sport of kendo.

This comic was originally published in Shueisha shonen magazine Fresh Jump in its second issue, the October issue of 1982, cover date #1982-10-01.

Besides its original publication in magazine, Hatsukoi Doshi has been compiled in the tankobon 100m Jumper: Yomikiri Kessakushu (1986) and 100m Jumper: Takahashi Yoichi Kessakushu (2014).

Main charactersEdit

  • Satomi(聡美)
  • Kensaku Morita (森田剣作)


Satomi is skilled enough in kendo to defeat a boy. She has an old memory that remains with her. It's a story of the time when she lived in Kyushu. A group of prideful boys whom she had defeated tried to take revenge on her. Even with her shinai, she couldn't fend off all the boys. There was a boy that appeared gallantly to save her at that time. That was the memory of her first love.

A freeloader comes into her house, Kensaku Morita. He came from Hokkaido and has great skills in kendo. He defeats all members of the kendo club easily. Even he is too difficult for Satomi.

Satomi gnash her teeth by this humiliation, and Kensaku immediately becomes a central figure in the Kendo Club. But a strange rumor starts to circulate...


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