Hamburger SV
Hamburger SV
Japanese ハンブルガーSV
Nationality German
Captain Bäusler


Hamburger Sport-Verein e.V. , commonly known as Hamburg or HSV, is a German sport club based in Hamburg.


HSV's football team had the distinction of being the only team that had played continuously in the top tier of the German football league system since the founding of the club at the end of World War I. It was the only team that played in every season of the Bundesliga since its foundation in 1963, until 2018 when the team were relegated for the first time in history.

HSV has won the German national championship six times, the DFB-Pokal three times and the League Cup twice. The team's most successful period was from the mid-1970s until the mid-1980s when, in addition to several domestic honours, they won the 1976–77 European Cup Winners' Cup and the 1982–83 European Cup. The outstanding players of this period were Horst Hrubesch, Manfred Kaltz, and Felix Magath, all of which were regulars in the German National Team. To date, HSV's last major trophy was the 1986–87 DFB-Pokal.

HSV is notable in football as a grassroots organisation with youth development a strong theme. HSV is one of the biggest sports clubs in Germany with over 70,000 members in all its departments and stated by Forbes to be among the 20-largest football clubs in the world.

Colors Edit

Manga (J Boys' Challenge):

  • Home: White shirt with red V-neck collar, red pinstripes, three red stripes on the sleeves and HSV logo, red shorts with white stripes and blue socks with three white stripes. This color scheme is based on the one worn by Hamburger SV in the 1983 season. The sponsors are Adidas and BP.
  • Keeper: Light blue shirt with dark blue collar, sleeves and shoulders, dark blue thin horizontal stripes, HSV logo and dark blue pants with three white stripes. Genzo Wakabayashi uses a white cap with the Admiral logo.

Battle for World Youth:

  • Home: White shirt with three big red stripes on the shoulders, white v-neck collar and HSV Logo and the inscription "Hamburg" in the back written in black over the numbers which are also black, red shorts and blue socks. The sponsors are Adidas and Sharp. This color scheme resembles the one worn by Hamburger SV in the 1992-93 season.
  • Keeper: Orange shirt with the sides of a darker shade with three diagonal stripes, which are also on the sleeves, HSV logo on chest, black round collar (with adidas written on it), black shoulders and sleeves, and black pants. Wakabayashi wears a white cap with Uhlsport logo.

Road to 2002:

  • Home: White shirt with red sleeves with a blue line separating the red from the white, red collar and HSV logo on chest, dark red shorts and blue socks. This uniform is based on the one worn by Hamburger SV in the 2000-01 Champions League. The sponsor is Fila.
  • Keeper: Silver jersey with black collar with a silver line, black shoulders and sleeves with silver stripes and rectangles on the sleeves, black shorts and white socks. Wakabayashi wears a white cap with Fila logo.

2001 anime:

  • Home: Based on Road to 2002 manga home: White shirt with green sleeves and forest green collar, with Grunwald logo on the chest, forest green shorts and green socks. The goalkeeper wears a black shirt with white and green collar, green sleeve stripes and rectangles and Grunwald logo on the center of the chest, black shorts with green stripes and rectangles and green socks with black top. Wakabayashi wears a white cap with a green Adidas logo.


Hamburger SV (Captain Tsubasa) Edit

Hamburger SV (Road to 2002)/(anime) Edit


In the Captain Tsubasa (2001 TV series), due to author issues, the team was known as Grunwald FC , and the uniform colors and design was changed as well.

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