Golden Kids
Golden Kids manga 1
Cover of vol. 1
Author Yoichi Takahashi
Publisher FromOne / Shueisha
Original run 2014-07-01 ~ 2015-01-09
Demographic Shonen
Volumes 4

Golden Kids (ゴールデン・キッズ) is a manga adaptation by Yoichi Takahashi of his own 2008 light novel Golden Kids. Contrary to most other comics of Takahashi, Golden Kids does not have a magazine serialization and is instead published directly in tankobon volumes as part of Shueisha's aizoban comics, issued by Japanese company FromOne and put on sale by Shueisha.

Four volumes in total were published, the first one on 2014-07-01 while the last on 2015-01-09.


Main article: Golden Kids

A boys football team, the Koganedai danchi (黄金台団地) football club (FC) Golden Kids, is so small and weak that has never won a match since its formation. As a result of continuously losing, adults from the school and the housing complex recommend its dissolution. However Goru Kitagawa, the goalkeeper (GK) and captain of the team, refuses to disband it, saying that in football with practice one becomes better, stronger. While Goru's transfer is imminent in one month, his friends begin to unite and the new challenge of the Golden Kids aiming to get their first victory starts.


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