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Japanese name ガルシア
Nickname(s) Five Aztec Warriors
Nationality Mexican
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
World Youth chapter 49
Level Team Number
National Mexico Youth 8

Profiles Edit

García is one of the Five Aztec Warriors, the group of 5 midfielders and attackers of the Mexican U-20 national team, along with López, Saragosa, Suárez and Alvez.

The 5 have their own way of playing soccer, the aerial Lucha Soccer Style, combining Mexican wrestling and soccer. However, García is more into Lucha than soccer, because he admit that the only useful things about him on the field are just his kick power and being the launch pad for the other of the group, and if both of those are being rendered useless, he will immediately become useless as well, since he is slow, can neither dash nor dribble. Therefore, in the match against Japan, when the Tachibana twins managed to stop the aerial Lucha Soccer with their Skylab soccer from time to time, García decided to do a dangerous play, injuring the twins in the process, and received a red card afterwards. He then told his teammates that that would be his last match.

Special techniques Edit

  • Aerial Lucha Soccer Style
  • Big Bang Shoot
  • Tidal Wave Tackle

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