Japanese name ガルバン
Nickname(s) Giant Defender
Nationality Argentinian
Birthday April 18
Height 183 cm (JBC)
Weight 83 kg (JBC)
Blood type O
Position(s) Defender
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa (1981) manga chapter 93 "Oath in the starry sky"
Level Team Number
National Olympic Argentina 5
Youth National Argentina Youth
Junior Youth National Argentina Jr. Youth 5

Galvan is a defender of Argentina.

Due to his physique, he has good power, and proved to be reliable in Argentina's defense line.


J Boys' Challenge ArcEdit

Argentina's first match is against Italy. As Italy's pivot player, Gino Hernandez is injured during their previous match against Japan, Argentina easily defeat them 5-0.

During their next match against Japan, after Argentina's opening goal, Alan Pascal, Juan Diaz and Galvan does a 3-phase defense to take the ball away from Kojiro Hyuga. This eventually leads to Argentina's second goal.

When the score is 3-0, as Tsubasa is about to do a Drive Shoot, Diaz tells Galvan and Galtoni to follow their tactic to stop the shot. The two then scatter to the sides of the goal, which help them not losing to the shot's power. However, Tsubasa notices this and changes from a Drive Shoot to a Drive Pass for Hyuga, who scores.

The first half ends 3-2. In the second half, during a counter attack, Galvan uses his power to gets past small players like Mitsuru Sano. Hiroshi Jito confronts him after that, and the two are even in their clash.

When Diaz loses his cool after Japan's tying goal, Galvan and the other Argentinian players manages to defend against the opponent's attack, with Galvan managing to blow Tsubasa Ozora away with his tackle. They sends the ball to Diaz, and the latter scores Argentina's fourth goal.

However, Japan eventually reverse the score with two goals. Just before the end of the match, Galvan does a jumping lariat on the goal post to prevent Ken Wakashimazu from using his Sankaku Defense, allowing Diaz's shot to head towards the empty goal, but Ryo Ishizaki and Jito blocks the shot with a combi play, eliminating Argentina from the tournament.

Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

Galvan is part of Argentina Youth, participating in the World Youth. His team finish second in the group stage, behind Netherlands. They lose to Germany in the quarterfinal by 2-3, however.

Abilities and Special techniques Edit

  • Physical strength: Being a giant player, Galvan have great physical strength, which is on par with Hiroshi Jito.
  • Galvan Cannon: Galvan's special shot in Rising Sun, which is similar to Tsubasa's Sky Wing Shoot or Hyuga's Thunder Beast Shoot.


  • He is based on real life player Luis Galván.
    • Interestingly enough, in Get in the Tomorrow, his name is also put as Luis Galvan. Whether this is purposely or coincidentally is unknown.