Gakuto Igawa
Japanese name 井川 岳人
Nickname(s) All Round Player
Nationality Japanese
Position(s) Defender, Midfielder, Forward, Goalkeeper
First appearance
Golden 23 chapter 33
Level Team Number
National Japan 5/32
Club Bolanos FC

Profile Edit

Gakuto is a player of Japan's Olympic team and an ex-member of Real Japan 11, and also the younger brother of the captain of Japan national football team.

Gakuto was described as a natural all rounder who possesses all - power, speed, technique and even goalkeeping ability. However, he suffered from one potentially fatal weakness - mentality. He tended to lose his confidence quite easily, and whenever his flaw was seen by someone, he ran away. It was also the same case while he was at the Real Japan 11. Therefore, he went to Argentina, started living in Buenos Aires at a young age and tried to become a professional player in that country. However, everything went wrong - he didn't show his potential and ended up playing in Argentina's second division; his wife died while giving birth and he became a single father to his little daughter Lisa. Minato Gamo went to find him to ask him to join Japan's Olympic Team and Gakuto eventually accepted.

The Golden 23 arc features Igawa as he struggles to overcome his weaknesses and give a critical contribution to Japan's hopes of going to the Olympics.

Techniques Edit

  • Bullet Clear
  • Bullet Middle Shoot
  • Bullet Head

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