France Jr. Youth
Japanese フランスジュニア(Jr.)ユース
Captain Elle Sid Pierre

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The French U16 national team is led by Elle Sid Pierre and reports to coach Carborana. During the U16 World Cup, the team, incidentally host country, acted as title favorite, even so far as the French Air Force cheering the team from the sky before the seminals with All Japan Jr. However, the team had to be beaten in such game on penalties, the Japanese U16 selection. Louis Napoleon missed the last penalty.


Manga: Blue collared shirt with three white shoulder stripes, red horizontal stripe on chest with three horizontal pinstripes under the red stripe, white shorts with three blue stripes  on sides and red socks with three white stripes. Inspired by the uniforms worn by France in the 1984-1985 season.

1989 OVA: Similar to the Manga.

2001 Anime: Blue collared shirt with two white shoulder stripes, red horizontal stripe on chest , white shorts with two red stripes and red socks. I

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International Jr. Youth Tournament Edit

France Jr Youth (Road to 2002)

France Jr. Youth (2001 anime). From left to right:Degaulle, Montana, Bossi, Rust, Bergerus, Pierre, Marcel, Napoleon, Ferreri, Georges and Amoro

Group stage

Final round

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Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Amoro
2 Degaulle
4 Jean Rust
5 Bergerus
7 Michel Ferreri
3 Bravo
8 Georges
9 Marcel
10 Elle Sid Pierre Captain
11 Bossi
12 Montana
14 Belmondo
20 Louis Napoleon
21 Borghi

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