Fernando Cosas Dutra
Japanese name リバウール
Nickname(s) Barca's Hawk
Great Brazil Champion
Nationality Brazilian
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
Road to 2002 chapter 7
Level Team Number
National Brazil 10
Club FC Barcelona 10

Fernando Cosas Dutra, better known as Rivaul, is the ace of FC Barcelona as well as the Brazilian national team. He is said to be the best player in the world.


Rivaul is a player of FC Barcelona. A calm, quiet player, he does not get nervous in games or in training. He is a player with higher potential than normal, fully defined muscles that are stronger than a Dutch player, excellent physical condition, and can play for a long time - five games in a row without rest.

Rivaul is a clean player, always fights passionately but without resorting to rough plays during matches. In his career, Rivaul had only took one yellow card. That was during a match against Real Madrid. In that match, Rivaul wasn't in a good condition, therefore he was completely marked by Real Madrid's captain Blueno. When they were fighting for the ball, Blueno took an elbow hit from Rivaul. Rivaul took a yellow card, and Blueno's eyes weren't able to focus clearly anymore.

When Tsubasa first met him, Tsubasa challenged him to a one on one. During the one on one, Tsubasa also took an elbow hit and fell unconscious. That left him in the medical office with the doctor for a few hours. When Tsubasa regained his consciousness, he said that his eyes hadn't lost their focus, and he would steal Rivaul's tenacity to succeed and obtain victory.

Later, during Barca's training, Rivaul showed superior skills to Tsubasa.

In the game against Valencia and Carlos Santana, Rivaul got injured. Later in the Liga, he was replaced by Tsubasa. When he returned, he and Tsubasa formed the Barcelona Golden Combi.

Rivaul, with Natureza and Santana, compose the Brazilian Forward Trio.

Rivaul is based on real life player Rivaldo Vítor Borba Ferreira. His name is also a pun on Rivaldo and Raul, that were the two most successful players of La Liga at the time of Road to 2002.

Special techniques Edit

  • Rivaul Turn
  • Submarine Defense
  • Overhead Kick
  • High Jumping Volley Shoot
  • Golden Hawk Shot
  • Sky Hawk Shoot
  • Barcelona Golden Combi
  • Jumping Han Dou Shu Soku Jin Hou