Elle Sid Pierre
Japanese name エル・シド・ピエール
Nickname(s) Field Artist
Field's Beautiful Beast
Splendid Rose of the Field
Nationality French
Birthday August 16
Height 177 cm (BWY)
171 cm (JBC)
Weight 66 kg (BWY)
62 kg (JBC)
Blood type B
Relationships Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Position(s) Midfielder
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa (1981) manga chapter 85 "The start of a new challenge"
Level Team Number
National Olympic France
Youth National France Youth
Junior Youth National France Jr. Youth 10
Club FC Girondins de Bordeaux
Youth Club Bordeaux Jr. 11

Elle Sid Pierre is the captain and a player of France. He is the team's midfield pivot and game maker.

Being from a rich family, Pierre was annoyed by his surroundings attitude towards his status. He found an escape in soccer, because in soccer there are no relations, poor or rich, the rules are the same for everyone, and everyone's objective is the ball. Pierre is very patriotic and places enormous pressure upon himself to perform well for France. Sharing the same nickname as Taro Misaki, an Artist of the Field, he's also sharing a rivalry with him.


J Boys' Challenge ArcEdit

Preparing for the Junior Youth tournament

Pierre is first mentioned on a TV news. Thanks to him, Bordeaux Jr. has won their first title in the France Junior Youth Tournament by beating Seine Jr. Youth 3-0. After losing Michel Fisher says Seine only lose because Taro Misaki isn't with them, and the techniques of Pierre isn't any better than Misaki's. Because of that, Pierre goes to Paris to meet Misaki, and the two of them encounter each other on the stairs of the Rue Foyatier. The two have a duel, and they are equal until Munemasa Katagiri interrupts and asks Misaki to join All Japan Jr. Youth.

A few days later, France Jr. Youth are having a test match against pro players, Paris Saint-Germain FC. Pierre manages to keep up against them, even able to create good chances for his teammates. Misaki suddenly appears and challenge the whole French team. Misaki is able to get past many players, but Pierre can match his speed and feints and is almost able to take the ball. He only loses when Louis Napoleon jumps in to help Misaki. Pierre says they'll continue their duel in a real match.

Junior Youth Tournament

France's first match in the tournament is against England Jr. Youth. France's players aren't moving well, as they have pressure on them while playing at home, and England carefully studied them. Pierre soon creates a chance for the forward Borghi, but the latter misses it. After that, England manage to score first. Pierre later has a chance to shoot, but Robson blocked the shot. Only after Napoleon gets in that France regain their form. The match ends 3-1, Napoleon scores a hattrick with Pierre being the one doing all 3 assists.

France easily win their second group match against Malaysia, with Napoleon scoing another hattrick.

Facing Japan in the semifinal, right as the match starts, Kojiro Hyuga tackles Pierre who has the ball. Pierre jumps to dodge, and has a clash with Misaki in the air. They are even, but Tsubasa Ozora takes the ball between the two, completing Japan's 3-phase attack. Japan score the opening goal after that, and Pierre notes he will have to reveal his secret shot.

As the match resumes, Pierre asks Napoleon to send the ball to him. Pierre runs towards Ryo Ishizaki after receiving the ball, and as he is in front of Ishizaki, he jumps into the air, causing Ishizaki and his marker Misaki to crash into each other. Pierre equalizes with his Slider Shoot just as everyone notices Napoleon and Makoto Soda is quarreling. Pierre hits Napoleon, saying that as they are fighting for France's honor, and everyone's strength is needed, he won't allow that kind of action.

Pierre later steals the ball from Hyuga who is rushing towards France's goal. He then blows off Misaki with a forcible dribble. Tsubasa confronts him, and as the two clashes, the ball got loose. Pierre quickly perform an overhead pass to Napoleon, who is fouled by Soda. Soda is sent off after that, while France are awarded a penalty kick, and Pierre has no trouble scoring the reversing goal.

As the referee makes some advantageous decision for France, the first half ends with France leading 3-1.

At the beginning of the second half, Misaki attempts to get past Pierre on his own, but fails. Kazuki Sorimachi gets the ball back, however, and Japan score a goal thanks to Hyuga.

In the next play, Pierre manages to get past both Tsubasa and Misaki, Japan's Golden Combi. He passes Hyuga as well before doing another Slider Shoot, but Ken Wakashimazu stops it. Tsubasa later challenges Pierre to a duel, and Pierre manages to win, taking the ball. However it's the opposite in their next confrontation, Tsubasa gets past Pierre with speed and scores the tying goal with his Drive Shoot.

When there are 10 minutes left, Pierre and Napoleon performs their Eiffel Attack. Misaki tackles Pierre, but the latter does an out front kick with his left leg before jumping over Misaki. Jun Misugi has a clash with Pierre, but Pierre still manages to pass the ball to Napoleon with his head. Wakashimazu deflects the ball onto the crossbar, but Pierre gets the repelled ball and scores with a jumping volley.

Japan attempts to tie by using the Tachibana twins' Skylab Twin Shoot, but Pierre defends with an upper rotation wheel kick. Despite that, Misaki still scores for Japan just before time is up. Neither side manages to score during extra time, forcing the game to go into the PK shootout.

Pierre scores the first PK, and instructs his teammates about which side to choose. The score soon reaches 4-4, but ultimately, Napoleon fails the fifth kick, and France lose 4-5 in the shootout.

Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

As the decision of the World Youth being held in Japan is made official, Pierre is seen playing a piano in his room. He stops abruptly in the middle though, and when Napoleon asks, he says he will complete the music, named "Field of Dreams", after France win the World Youth.

At the reception party the day before the World Youth, upon hearing that Misaki is involved in an accident and can't play, Pierre remarks that that is too bad.

France finish second in the group stage, only losing to Brazil. They face Netherlands in the quarterfinal, but lose 1-3.

Rising Sun ArcEdit

To be added as series progresses

Abilities and Special techniques Edit

  • Field Artist: Pierre has good techniques and has an artistic play, gaining him the nickname.
  • Physical strength: Beside techniques, Pierre can also use power to get past his opponents.
  • Overhead Kick
  • Slider Shoot: Pierre's original special shot. By putting a rotation effect on the ball, but hitting the ball stronger than when doing the Drive Shoot beforehand, the ball will go in a straight line and fall just in front of the keeper.
  • Flamingo Clip: By lifting the ball and holding onto it by squeezing it behind the knee, Pierre can dodge his opponents.
  • Eiffel Attack (with Napoleon): Pierre and Napoleon's pass based attack. Taking the shape of the Eiffel Tower, the attack consists of continuous long passes at first, and as they advance towards the goal, it changes to middle passes and then short ones, and finally finishes at the goal, which is also the top of the tower.

Games exclusive Edit

  • Slider Cannon (Captain Tsubasa 2, 3, 4 and 5 - with Napoleon)
  • Super Eiffel (Captain Tsubasa 3 and 4 - with Napoleon)
  • Eiffel Winder (Captain Tsubasa 4 - with Napoleon)
  • Axel Cannon (Captain Tsubasa 5 - with Napoleon)
  • Circle Shoot (Get in the Tomorrow)


  • The "Elle Sid" part in his name is a reference to Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, a Castilian nobleman and military leader in medieval Spain.
  • His name in the Latin-american dub and in the European dubs is "Pierre LeBlanc", while in the French dub his name is "Alcide Pierre".

Image Edit

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