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Elle Sid Pierre
Japanese name エル・シド・ピエール
Nickname(s) Field Artist, Splendid Rose of the Field
Nationality French
Birthday June 16
Position(s) Game Maker, Midfielder
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 85
Level Team Number
National France 10
Club Bordeaux
Junior Bordeaux 10

Profile Edit

Pierre is a player of the French National team. He is the mid-field pivot and game maker of France.

Being from a rich family, Pierre was annoyed by his surroundings attitude towards his status. He found an escape in soccer, because in soccer there are no relations, poor or rich, the rules are the same for everyone, and everyone's objective is the ball. Pierre is very patriotic and places enormous pressure upon himself to perform well for France. Sharing the same nickname as Misaki, an Artist of the Field, he's also sharing a rivalry with him.

Special techniques Edit

  • Slider Shoot
  • Elegant Dribble
  • Flamingo Clip
  • Eiffel Attack

Games exclusive Edit


His name in the Latin-american dub is "Pierre LeBlanc".

Image Edit

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