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Captain Tsubasa chapter 88
Shin Captain Tsubasa episode 2

Dremmler is the coach of Bremen Jr. Youth, West Germany's N° 2 best team in the Jr. Youth category.


J Boys' Challenge arc Edit

In Bremen city's, the stronhold Weserstadion, coach Dremmler introduces himself and welcomes the members of All Japan Jr. Youth Team to Bremen for a friendly match.

Curiously, his team's top star "Bremen's Computer" Franz Schester deduced Tsubasa was All Japan Jr. Youth's captain (even to go as far as to greet him instead of Matsuyama), despite him not holding the title at the time, which was what Dremmler asked Schester about just after both teams said their greetings before the match.

Trivia Edit

He is based on real life Otto Rehhagel, which during the manga's run was the trainer of SV Werder Bremen.

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