Digital Trip: Synthesizer Fantasy - Captain Tsubasa
CX-7222 front cover
Front cover
Released 1985-05-21
Type Arrange album
Artist(s) Unknown
Composer(s) Unknown
Label Columbia
Catalog no. CX-7222
Media 1 LP
Tracks 8

Digital Trip: Synthesizer Fantasy - Captain Tsubasa (DIGITAL TRIP SYNTHESIZER FANTASY キャプテン翼) is an arrange LP album that takes melodies from the Captain Tsubasa TV series to present remixes with a synthesizer as the main instrument. The music is not used in or is directly related to any of the Captain Tsubasa anime or video games. The album was originally released on 1985-05-21.

During the 1980s, Columbia released the music of several other anime series as part of the Digital Trip (focused on electronic music) and Jam Trip (focused on Jazz arrangements) series, including another Captain Tsubasa album (part of the Jam Trip series).


Side AEdit

  1. Kick Off (Captain Tsubasa Ouenka, Moete Hero) (KICK OFF (キャプテン翼応援歌、燃えてヒーロー))
  2. Rival (Fuyu no Lion, BGM (M-19)) (RIVAL (冬のライオン、BGM(M-19))
  3. Friendship (Atsui Yuujou, BGM (M-11)) (FRIENDSHIP (熱い友情、BGM(M-11))
  4. Half Time (Atsui Yuujou, Tsubasa yo Hashire, BGM (M-30)) (HALF TIME (熱い友情、翼よ走れ、BGM(M-30))

Side BEdit

  1. Hero (Kimi ni Sasageru Lullaby, Fuyu no Lion) (HERO (君に捧げるララバイ、冬のライオン))
  2. Fighting (Tsubasa yo Hashire, BGM (M-1A)) (FIGHTING (翼よ走れ、BGM(M-1A))
  3. Drive Shoot (Moete Hero, BGM (M-5, B-1)) (DRIVE SHOOT (燃えてヒーロー、BGM(M-5,B-1))
  4. Game Set (Captain Tsubasa Ouenka, BGM (M-1, M-2)) (GAME SET (キャプテン翼応援歌、BGM(M-1,M-2))


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