China Youth
Japanese 中国ユース
Nationality Chinese
Captain Wu Junren
China Youth (中国ユース) is the national selection team who participated in the 2nd Asian preliminaries held in Jakarta.


China Youth faced Japan Youth in the qualifier rounds of the 2nd Asian preliminaries. The team was organized by coach Zhou Zunguo and are led by captain Wu Junren and has "Dragon God" Xiao Junguang as their secret weapon.
China 2018 home (DT)
China 2018 away (DT)
China 2018 GK (DT)
They were the highest thread for Japan Youth in order to classify to the World Youth tournament.


Manga Edit

  • Home: Red shirt with v-neck collar with the "中国" ideograms written in black on the chest, white shorts and red socks. The numbers on the back are black
  • Away: White shirt with red collar, three red diagonal stripes on the sleeves and the "中国" ideograms written in black on the chest, white shorts with three diagonal stripes in the right leg and white socks. This uniform was worn in the match against UAE.
  • Keeper: Drab olive jersey with white collar and the "中国" ideograms written in black on the chest, black shorts and white socks.

Captain Tsubasa: Tatakae Dream Team Edit

  • Home: Red jersey with yellow motifs on the shoulders, the chinese logo and red shorts and socks.
  • Away: White jersey with a yellow and red striped collar and in the bottom of both arms, the chinese logo and white shorts and socks.
  • Keeper: Lime green jersey with light green shoulders and a golden print motif, the chinese logo and lime green shorts and socks.

Results Edit

World Youth - 2nd Asian preliminaries Edit

Group stage

Squad Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Xu Guangzhi
2 Gao Fengde
3 Cao Jingjiang
4 Fan Leyong
5 Xie Xuedong
6 Peng Fuyi
7 Jiang Shouren
8 Hu Jianliang
10 Wu Junren Captain
16 Xiao Junguang
9 Fei Xiang
11 Wang Zhongming

Members Edit

Wu Junren

#10 // MF Captain
Xiao Junguang
Sho - China Youth

#16 // MF
Fei Xiang

#9 // FW
Wang Zhongming

#11 // FW