This is the archive of "Featured music" related to Captain Tsubasa. When a new melody is featured, the previous theme should be archived here at the top with the date in which it was originally added and the date in which it was archived.

Featured in 2015Edit

  • Featured on 2015-10-12
"Katsu", 2nd ending theme song of the 2001 TV anime series performed by London Boots #1 #2.
  • Featured on 2015-06-07.
"Fuyu no Lion", 1st ending theme song of the 1983 TV anime series Captain Tsubasa.
  • Featured on 2015-03-09.
"Saigo no First Kiss", ending theme song of Shin Captain Tsubasa.

Featured in 2014Edit

  • Featured on 2014-12-12.
"Otoko Daro!", ending theme song of Captain Tsubasa J.
  • Featured on 2014-10-26.
"Kojiro Hyuga's Theme" from Captain Tsubasa (Famicom)
  • Featured on 2014-09-07.
"Moete Hero", Bakuman version

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