Captain Tsubasa Special Hen: Yume no Brazil Pro-Debut no Maki
Yume no Brazil Pro-Debut no Maki
Colored pages of the manga from the magazine.
Author Yoichi Takahashi
Publisher Shueisha
Original run #1985-08-10 (one-shot)
Magazine Captain Tsubasa Netto Special
Demographic Shonen

Captain Tsubasa Special Hen: Yume no Brazil Pro-Debut no Maki (キャプテン翼 スペシャル編 夢のブラジル・プロデビューの巻, Captain Tsubasa special: Chapter of the dream of the Brazilian professional debut), sometimes incorrectly referred as Super Hit Soccer Roman, is a 5-page one-shot published by Shueisha exclusively for the magazine Captain Tsubasa Netto Special (a special offshot of Weekly Shonen Jump dedicated to Captain Tsubasa) which was released in 1985 (cover date #1985-08-10). Due to its nature, it most likely is not part of the canon.

The story is self-described in the title: The new coach of Sao Paulo FC, Roberto Hongo, hires Tsubasa Ozora of Japan for the Brazilian professional first division. Tsubasa scores and fulfills the dream of being the first Japanese to debut professionally in Brazil's football league. The punchline of the story is that it all turns out to be a dream.

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