Captain Tsubasa Song of Kickers Shoot 1
Released 2002-03-13
Type Image album
Artist(s) Kikuko Inoue, Rica Matsumoto, Satsuki Yukino, Kenichi Suzumura, Kentaro Ito, Ai Orikasa, Urara Takano, Atsuko Enomoto
Label avex mode
Catalog no. AVCA-14320
Media 1 CD
Tracks 8

Captain Tsubasa Song of Kickers Shoot 1 (キャプテン翼 song of kickers shoot.1) is a CD album composed of image songs for the 2001 TV series Captain Tsubasa. This CD album was originally published on 2002-03-13 under the label avex mode.

A bootleg Taiwanese version of the CD was released by Alion International Records with catalog no. ALCA-8117.


  1. Dreams in Field <4:30> <theme of Tsubasa Ozora, performed by Kikuko Inoue>
  2. Burning Soul <4:37> <theme of Kojiro Hyuga, performed by Rica Matsumoto>
  3. Message Ball <4:39> <theme of Taro Misaki, performed by Satsuki Yukino>
  4. Save your back (SAVE YOUR BACK) <4:34> <theme of Genzo Wakabayashi, performed by Kenichi Suzumura>
  5. Beast and shout (BEAST AND SHOUT) <4:28> <theme of Ken Wakashimazu, performed by Kentaro Ito>
  6. Katahou dake no Tsubasa (片方だけの翼) <4:24> <theme of Jun Misugi, performed by Ai Orikasa>
  7. Oresama Giocatore (オレサマジョカトーレ) <5:00> <theme of Ryo Ishizaki, performed by Urara Takano>
  8. Take your wings <4:59> <theme of Sanae Nakazawa, performed by Atsuko Enomoto



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