Captain Tsubasa BGM Shuu
22AH-1897 front cover
Front cover
Released 1985-07-21
Type OST album
Artist(s) Unknown
Composer(s) Unknown
Label CBS/Sony
Catalog no. 22AH-1897
Media 1 LP
Tracks 11

Captain Tsubasa BGM Shuu (キャプテン翼 BGM集, Captain Tsubasa BGM Collection) is the fourth album about the TV series, focused on background music. The LP record was originally released on 1985-07-21. Along with the two BGM tracks, the album includes instrumental versions of several vocal themes.


Side AEdit

  1. Moete Hero (燃えてヒーロー) (Instrumental) <1985 version>
  2. Tsubasa yo Hashire! Captain Tsubasa Ouenka (翼よ走れ! -キャプテン翼応援歌-) (Instrumental)
  3. BGM Shuu (BGM集)
  4. Longest Dream (ロンゲスト・ドリーム) (Instrumental)

Side BEdit

  1. Yuujou Forever (Misaki Tarou no Theme) (友情フォー・エバー(岬 太郎のテーマ)) (Instrumental)
  2. Captain Tsubasa Ouendan no Uta (キャプテン翼応援団のうた) (Instrumental)
  3. BGM Shuu (BGM集)
  4. Schneider the Emperor (Short Type) (シュナイダー・ザ・エンペラー(ショート・タイプ))
  5. England Juusensha Gundan (Short Type) (イングランド重戦車軍団(ショート・タイプ))
  6. European Dream (Short Type) (ヨーロッピアン・ドリーム(ショート・タイプ))
  7. Kouya no Sakebi (Hyuuga Kojirou no Theme) (荒野の叫び(日向小次郎のテーマ)) (Instrumental)


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