Captain Tsubasa 3109 Nichi Zenkiroku
3109 Nichi Zenkiroku
Author Yoichi Takahashi
Publisher Shueisha
Original run 2003-05-25
Volumes 1

Captain Tsubasa 3109 Nichi Zenkiroku (キャプテン翼3109日全記録) or Captain Tsubasa 3109 days perfect data is a 320-page data book in tankobon format of the Captain Tsubasa manga series. It was published by Shueisha on 2003-05-25, ISBN 9784087827897.

As the title suggests, the book has complete data from the regular Captain Tsubasa manga series, including character profiles, match results, team formations, inspiration in actual football players and events, and other information of interest for the hardcore fans of the series. It doesn't deal with anything related to the anime or the video games.

The book describes information from 1981 to 2002, with data from "Kids' Dream" up to "Battle of World Youth", with some minor details from the then-running manga Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002. It also includes an interview with Yoichi Takahashi and comments about the impact of Captain Tsubasa from ten Japanese celebrities, Saburo Kawabuchi, Ichiro Enokido, Tsuyoshi Kitazawa, Hirofumi Kiyonaga, Yasuo Kurashiki, Naohiro Takahara, Hiroshi Nanami, Shuntaro Fukagawa and Hiroyuki Yoshino.

The book is divided in five main parts:

  1. Data of the Japanese Golden Generation
  2. Record of matches of the Golden Generation
  3. Data of international players and record against international teams
  4. What Captain Tsubasa brought to the Japanese football and the situation of Japan and the world football from 1981 to 2002
  5. The origins of Captain Tsubasa, including an interview with Yoichi Takahashi and comments from ten personalities

As an appendix, it includes a "Captain Tsubasa sub character and words dictionary", annotations of minor characters, techniques and terms used.

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