Captain Tsubasa (MCD)

Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼 kyaputen tsubasa) is a Sega Mega CD videogame developed by Tecmo. It was released in September 30 1994. It has the same style as the rest of Tecmo's Captain Tsubasa games but with better graphics and sound (voice acting).


The game follows the manga version of the first series. The plots begins with Tsubasa Oozora's first encounter with Genzo Wakabayashi in the childhood arc, and ends with Tsubasa's final confrontation with Kojiro Hyuga in the Middle School National championship. 


キャプテン翼(メガCD)OP Captain Tsubasa (Mega-CD) Intro

キャプテン翼(メガCD)OP Captain Tsubasa (Mega-CD) Intro

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