Captain Tsubasa
22AH-1694 $ 57(a)
Front cover
Released 1984-03
Type Drama album
Artist(s) Unknown
Composer(s) Unknown
Label CBS/Sony
Catalog no. 22AH-1694
Media 1 LP
Tracks 7

Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼) is the first album about the TV series. The LP record was originally released on 1984-03. It is a drama album that also includes some vocal themes.


Side AEdit

  1. "Moete Hero" (燃えてヒーロー)
  2. "Unmei no Long Shoot" (運命のロング・シュート) <Drama>
  3. "Kimi ni Sasageru Lullaby" (君に捧げるララバイ)

Side BEdit

  1. "Atsui Yuujou" (熱い友情)
  2. "Yume wa Brazil e" (夢はブラジルへ) <Drama>
  3. "Fuyu no Lion" (冬のライオン)
  4. "Moete Hero" (燃えてヒーロー)


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