Captain Tsubasa
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TV series
Chief director Toshiyuki Kato (supervision)
Hirofumi Ogura (series director)
Producer(s) Unknown
Scenario Atsuhiro Tomioka
Music Hayato Matsuo
Studio David Production
Network TV Tokyo
Released 2018-04-02 ~ ongoing
Episodes 52

Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼) is a 2018 anime series broadcasted by TV Tokyo in Japan on April 2018. The series has two seasons of 26 episodes each. This new anime is made honoring the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.[1]


Tsubasa V sign (2018)
Captain Tsubasa is a story of 11-year-old Tsubasa Ozora who started playing football at a very young age, a sport which developed for him into something deeper (his thoughts and dreams revolve almost entirely around the joy of football). In order to pursue his dream to become the world's best football player[note 1], Tsubasa moves with his mother to Nankatsu city. Since this is a more competitive town in football, he will need all of his skills and talents in order to stand out. He encounters not only rivals, but also new friends like his gutsy friend Ryo Ishizaki, the cheerleader Sanae Nakazawa, and S.G.G.K.[note 2] Genzo Wakabayashi, and Roberto Hongo a former pro football player who will help him push towards his dreams.

Licensing in other countriesEdit

  • For English-speaking counties, Viz Media will be Licensing the New Captain Tsubasa Anime.[2]
  • For Latin American countries, Cartoon Network will be airing the Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil only) dubbed versions starting next 15-06-2018. According to Conque 2018 Convention in Mexico, the first four episodes will be premiered in movie theaters within Mexico, Chile, and Peru with the Spanish dub.

Seasons Edit

Season 1 is confirmed to be a retelling of the Kids' Dream arc, combining both original manga and modern-era elements. Most of characters' uniforms, cloths, and color palettes are more faithful to the manga[3].


Main Characters Edit

  • Tsubasa Ozora: A natural football prodigy. Tsubasa has always been with a ball ever since he was born, even if others did not understand his passion.
  • Genzo Wakabayashi: A genius, champion goalkeeper from Shutetsu. His creed is "no one can beat me outside the penalty area." After accepting Tsubasa’s duel, he becomes his eternal rival and later friend.
  • Ryo Ishizaki: The first person whom Tsubasa meets after moving into Nankatsu. Even if lacking skills, his inherent guts and determination lead him to persevere in his efforts.
  • Taro Misaki: Due to his father’s work as an artist, Misaki always move from town to town, and has just transferred into Nankatsu school. He is just as skilled as Tsubasa. Taro is perfectly in sync with Tsubasa so that they are known as the Golden Combi.

Support charactersEdit

Friends, family and coaches

Nankatsu SC teammates

Main article: Nankatsu SC

This lead team consists of grade school players from Nankatsu city, who were selected for the entrance exams. At first, the captain is Genzo Wakabayashi but due to his injuries he gave the lead to Tsubasa Ozora, demonstrating a great leadership in leading the team to win the 6th National juveniles tournament.

Captain Tsubasa 2018

Rivals Edit

Main article: Elementary school teams

Meiwa FC

  • Kojiro Hyuga: Tsubasa's main rival (and later deuteragonist) with a strong and raw playstyle which is the opposite of Tsubasa's clean and technical feats.
  • Ken Wakashimazu: An unmatched goalkeeper as talented as Wakabayashi who combines karate-style techniques original from his dojo with some acrobatic play and speed.
  • Takeshi Sawada: Hyuga's younger and talented football partner. Trained by coach Kira as well, he has the utmost respect for Hyuga, and helps him to the best of his abilities when he has troubles, though he doesn't hesitate to point out his mistakes.

Hanawa FC

Musashi FC

  • Jun Misugi: A talented star which has a superior technique and understanding of football than Tsubasa.[note 4]. Misugi has a heart disease, preventing him from playing a full match without endangering his life. However, he decided to play full time in the semifinals, eager to give it his all against Tsubasa.

Furano FC

  • Hikaru Matsuyama: Though he isn't a football genius, he is persistent and hard-working. Thanks to his hard work, he has many good skills. He also has true understanding of teamwork.

Other teams

Cast and staff Edit

Japanese staff Edit

  • Director: Toshiyuki Kato
  • Series composition: Atsuhiro Tomioka
  • Music: Hayato Matsuo
  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Character design, chief animation director: Hajime Watanabe
  • Animation Studio: David Production

Japanese cast Edit

Opening and Ending Edit

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  1. Representing Japan in the FIFA World Cup is Tsubasa’s ultimate dream, which will take a lot more than talent to reach it.
  2. Which stands for "Super Great Goal Keeper", Wakabayashi's known and well-earned nickname
  3. Anego is a nickname which stands for "Big sis" due to her tomboy personality.
  4. Misugi has a keen perception that enables him to read the opposing team’s formation and tactics even when he is not playing on the field; not to mention his ability on how to control his opponent's movements


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