Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun
Grand Jump 2014-01-15
Cover of the Grand Jump issue where the series debuted
Author Yoichi Takahashi
Publisher Shueisha
Original run #2014-01-15 (2013-12-28) ~ ongoing
Magazine Grand Jump
Demographic Seinen
Volumes 8

Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun (キャプテン翼 ライジングサン) is the most recent regular series of the Captain Tsubasa manga series. It is the sequel to Captain Tsubasa: Golden-23 and also to both Kaigai Gekito Hen short series, Captain Tsubasa: Kaigai Gekito Hen in Calcio and Captain Tsubasa: Kaigai Gekito Hen en La Liga.

After the Japanese team classified to the Olympics in Madrid, the story covers the beginning of Olympic football tournament. The Japanese team is now at full force with the addition of the overseas players Tsubasa, Hyuga and Aoi, while Akai declines to join due to a serious injury that he suffered while helping his team ascend to the Serie A in the Italian league.

The manga started being published in issue #3 (2014) of Shueisha's seinen magazine Grand Jump, released for sale on 2013-12-28 (cover date #2014-01-01). The series so far has two tankobon volumes.


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After winning La Liga, Tsubasa's Barça parades around the city of Barcelona celebrating. A few days later, Tsabasa and Sanae return to Japan, where Sanae will stay until the end of her pregnancy, while Tsubasa just stays a few days before joining the training camp that will decide the members of the Japanese Olympic team.

In Mexico, Japan faces two teams in preparation for the Olympics, New Zealand and Mexico. Against New Zealand, Japan has three short matches to determine the line-up against Mexico, all of which are easily won. In the match against Mexico, despite some initial difficulties in the first half thanks to Ricardo Espadas, Japan dominates Mexico.

While in Madrid the groups are decided, Tsubasa collapses in Toluca from accumulated fatigue, so he stays in Mexico to recuperate. The rest of Japan travel to Spain. In the first match, Spain's Michael makes his team easily win against Cameroon. Before Japan's first match, Tsubasa returns to the team.

Japan's first match against Netherlands is dominated at the beginning by Brian Cruyfford's team as Cruyfford scores the first goal with relative ease, but before the end of the first half, Japan takes full control and leads the game 3-1.


# Chapter Magazine Cover Cover date On sale
1 "Liga's glory" (リーガの栄光) Grand Jump #3 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-01-15 #2014-01-15 2013-12-28
Tsubasa is in Japan in the neighbourhood of his house in Nanakatsu remembering how it all started years ago as he gets ready to challenge the Madrid Olympics. Three months prior, Tsubasa's Barcelona defeated Granada after going behind during the first half, with Tsubasa scoring in the second half with a PK, a Drive Shoot and and a bicycle kick to reverse the score. With this result, Barcelona conquered La Liga despite Natureza's efforts with Real Madrid.
2 "23/38" [sic] Grand Jump #4 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-02-05 #2014-02-05 2014-01-15
Barça celebrates La Liga championship by parading around the city. As Sanae is pregnant, she is unable to attend, but the team decides to change the route to pass across Tsubasa's house so that Sane can directly see his husband with the trophy. Tsubasa tells his teammates that he and his wife will return to the city of Nankatsu for some time. Now in Japan, Tsubasa meets with his parents and brother and they all go to Nazakawa' house. Sane will stay in Japan until giving birth while Tsubasa will stay a little before going to Mexico with the rest of the Japanese team. In the training camp in Mexico, there are 33 candidates for the 23 spots that will be chosen for the Olympic team. The team tense mood changes when Tsubasa arrives. The last training matches against New Zealand and Mexico will determine the chosen 23. With New Zealand, three 30-minute matches will be held. The first match with the overseas players crushes New Zealand 7-0, making the other candidates aware that they must perform strong if they want to stay on the selected 23. The last two matches ended 5-1 and 4-1. Coach Kira comments that he will know the true value of the team once it faces Mexico, a team used to the climate. The last preparation match is about to begin.
3 "Champion's true worth" (強豪の真価) Grand Jump #5 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-02-19 #2014-02-19 2014-02-05
In the Aztec Stadium, Espadas and Tsubasa reminiscence about their encounter during the World Youth. For the match and the Olympics, Mexico will use three overage players, while Japan will use none. After a hard handshake with Mexico's captain, Tsubasa and Misaki decide to go all out from the start. Aftet the kick-oof, Misaki immediately goes against Hugo Ramirez, #10 and captain of Mexico, and does a back-pass to Tsubasa who does a Heel Lift and easily passes Ramirez. After playing in combination with Misaki, Tsubasa does a Drive Shot. As the ball comes, Espadas remembers his special lucha libre training to improve his skills. Thanks to this training, he is able to effortless catch Tsubasa's Drive Shot.
4 "The spirit to cheer up" (奮い立つ心) Grand Jump #6 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-03-05 #2014-03-05 2014-02-19
After catching the shot, Espadas immediately goes outside his penalty area to start Mexico's attack, evading Aoi's sliding tackle to center a long ball towards Suarez and Saragosa, avoiding an offside. Both Mexican players execute a Jumping Volley Twin Shot, but Wakabayashi catches it. The match became a stalemate thanks to both defenses and Espadas stopping all long shots. After Hyuga and Wakashimazu try unsuccessfully to catch Espadas off-guard when he is about to overlap, Hyuga recalls the meeting that he had with Aoi and Tsubasa the prior night.
5 "The decision of the overseas group" (海外組の決意) Grand Jump #7 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-03-19 #2014-03-19 2014-03-05
In the meeting, Tsubasa recalls that coach Kira didn't call the overseas players to allow them to focus on their teams in Europe. Thanks to this the Hyuga, Aoi and Tsubasa were able to achieve their goals. Tsubasa even won the MVP title in La Liga. Tsubasa feels that they must show what they can bring to the team or decline their places in the team if they aren't able. The three make a vow accepting this. Hyuga realizes that it will be difficult. In the game, coach Kira directs Hyuga and Wakashimazu to change to leave Wakashimazu as the single top. With Hyugain the middle, he uses his Straight Line Dribble to open up something, apparently going against Kira directions (as Kira expected). The defense stop Hyuga, but was right behind to pick up the ball and continue the play.
6 "In waves! Overseas group" (波状!海外組) Grand Jump #8 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-04-02 #2014-04-02 2014-03-19
Tsubasa gets past two defenders and inside the penalty area he jumps Manatis sliding tackle to immediately shoot and overhead kick. Espadas was expecting it so he is able to stop it right in front of Tsubasa's leg, but the rebound is taken with a Jumping Volley Twin Shot by Wakashimazu and Hyuga. Espadas somehow manages to react to the shot, but the strength of the shot beats his hand and the ball continues to go the goal to hit the crossbar and rebound over the goal line until Aoi dives to finally score.
7 "The chosen ones" (選ばれし者たち) Grand Jump #9 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-04-16 #2014-04-16 2014-04-02
Aoi, Hyuga and Tsubasa are glad they showed what they can add to the team in the first half. Espadas is left with an injured left hand after the last shots. Coach Kira shows to the staff a team a bronze medal that he won as a member of the Japan football team after beating Mexico in the third place match in the 1968 Summer Olympics in that very stadium. With this, he encourages everyone to win the gold medal at the Madrid Olympics and announces that he will use all six possible substitutions. Wakabayashi stops Mexico next attack and comments that he's performing better than usual due to Tsubasa's presence. Tsubasa starts another attack with the objective of testing their skills by scoring more goals. Espadas' teammates notice his injured hand and wan thim to be subbed, but Espadas refuses to leave even if it's a test match. Next day in Nankatsu city, Tsubasa father returns to his house with a newspaper with the result of the match (Japan 8, Mexico 0) and the 23 members selected for the Madrid Olympics.
8 "The fated drawing of lots" (運命の組み合わせ) Grand Jump #11 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-05-21 #2014-05-21 2014-05-07
In Madrid, before the drawing lots of all classified teams take place, the Spain team is presented. Meanwhile in Brazil, the Brazilian Olympic team is having a test match against the regular Belgium national team. Rivaul handles the midfield. Now fully recovered, he expect to face Tsubasa and win the gold medal as a Brazilian representative. Natureza and Carlos Santana overwhelm Belgium on the attack. In the bench, coach Joan Aragones and his assistant Roberto Hongo chat about bringing the gold medal. Natureza an Santana want to take revenge on Tsubasa, but even more against an Spanish guy that made Real Madrid miss the chance to win La Liga. In Toluca, Mexico, as the Japan squad continues their high altitude training camp, Ide arrives announcing how the groups were allocated.
9 "The rest of a soldier" (戦士の休息) Grand Jump #12 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-06-04 #2014-06-04 2014-05-21
In Nankatsu, Sanae, accompanied with her mother and stepmother, leaves the hospital after a routine check up on her pregnancy. The childbirth of her twins is expected to be on the same date as the final of the Olympic football tournament. A Tokyo publishing company prints their gold medal predictions, putting Brazil as favorites and expect that Japan will face them. They receive news from Mexico. Tsubasa collapses with high fever and is hospitalized. Sanae's former cheering squad, "Team Tsubasa", tell her that they will take care of Tsubasa. Tsubasa is fatigued from playing full power in La Liga and in the high altitude of Mexico, similar to what Hyuga experienced in elementary school. Natureza is worried about this, but Roberto knows that Tsubasa will rest enough to restore his physical condition. In the hospital, "Team Tsubasa" take care of Tsubasa who also receives the visit of three former Aztec Warriors that are now luchadores with a message from Espadas and a special soup. In the Netherlands, coach Otto Leigatt chats with Brian Cruyfford about their calculations for the Madrid Olympics. Cruyfford will be key for any medal aspiration of Netherlands.
10 "The Madrid Olympics are beginning" (マドリッド五輪サッカー開幕) Grand Jump #13 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-06-18 #2014-06-18 2014-06-04
As Tsubasa is recovering with the help of "Team Tsubasa" in Mexico, the Japanese team are getting accustomed to Spain. The first match is Spain vs Cameroon, closely watched by Robert, Natureza and Santana to analyse Michael, the man that defeated Real Madrid. In the match, Cameroon dominates the game until its two overage aces are easily stopped by Michael who takes the ball back. Playing a volante, Michael starts the attack and shows his riding ball technique.
11 "Michael's miracle" (ミカエルの奇蹟) Grand Jump #14 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-07-02 #2014-07-02 2014-06-18
After getting down from the ball, Michael does a shot so powerful that China's Shunko Sho recognizes it as the dragon from his own Hando Shu Soku Jin Ho. However, the shot, which hits the crossbar, is actually a well planned pass for Fersion Torres to score a goal. Only his Michael's friend, Raphael, notices Michael's play. After watching such a superb play, Roberto, Natureza and Santana notice the true extent of Spain's potential. Thanks to Michael's "lucky shots", Spain wins comfortably. Japan also realize Spain's power. Some members worry that Tsubasa might not be with them in the group stage, but Misaki and Hyuga are confident that they will qualify without needing Tsubasa. But Tsubasa couldn't resist playing, so he arrives with the rest of the team.
12 "Camp Nou, the dream stage" (夢の舞台カンプノウ) Grand Jump #15 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-07-16 #2014-07-16 2014-07-02
In the Camp Nou, Japan and Netherlands play their first match. Tsubasa starts the game despite fears of being unable due to his physical condition. Tsubasa is happy to be playing in his pitch and being able to face former rivals. As the match starts, Tsubasa back passes the ball to allow the rest of his team to get familiar with the pitch and ease their tension. After circulating the ball and returning it to Tsubasa, he starts Japan's attack. Cruyfford immediately rushes to challenge him and Tsubasa obliges.
13 "Opening art" (オープニングアート) Grand Jump #18 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-09-03 #2014-09-03 2014-08-20
The first clash between Tsubasa and Cruyfford ends with the ball in the air. As both try to head the ball, Misaki beats them to the punch and passes the ball to Aoi, who quickly gets stopped by Luikal, but Misaki once again takes the ball. After advancing forward, Misaki passes the ball to Hyuga, but Davi cuts the bass with a sliding tackle and mocks Hyuga for playing in Serie C after leaving Serie A's Juventus. Davi does a long pass to Luikal, but Wakabayashi catches the ball. Moments later, Cruyfford starts the next attack in the midfield.
14 "It whirls around! "The eye of a typhoon"" (渦を巻く!“台風の目”) Grand Jump #19 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-09-17 #2014-09-17 2014-09-03
In their new one-on-one duel, Cruyfford using his new Spiral Turn to easily pass Tsubasa. He then evades Aoi's sliding tackle and gets ready to shoot. Luikal, meanwhile, purposely gets in front of Wakabayashi's view to allow Cruyfford's Spiral Shot to score despite Jito's effors to block it. With Netherlands dominating and Cruyfford beating both Tsubasa and Wakabayashi, coach Kira calls Wakashimazu.
15 "The other genius" (もう一人の天才) Grand Jump #20 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-10-01 #2014-10-01 2014-09-17
As Wakashimazu starts to warm up, Nitta acts and helps Tsubasa with a 1-2 play, but a tense Aoi inadvertently clashes with Tsubasa, which allows Cruyfford to take the ball and initiate an attack. Wakabayashi quickly sweeps and stops Netherlands' attack, and initiates a counterattack with Soda. Soda in turn centers the ball with a Kamisori Pass to Hyuga who heads the ball to the goal despite being marked by three men, but the ball hits the crossbar. Despite this, the team gets pumped up. They quickly recover the ball and Aoi passes the ball to Matsuyama for an Eagle Shot. Reizfer blocks the shot, but Misaki recovers the ball to do a high pass to Tsubasa for an Overhead Kick which Cruyfford blocks. Tsubasa, however, does a pass in the air to Misugi who is also preparing an bicycle kick.
16 "Contest of geniuses" (天才たちの競演) Grand Jump #21 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-10-15 #2014-10-15 2014-10-01
Finishing Tsubasa's aerial play, Misugi scores with a bicycle kick and ties the game. This surprises Cruyfford, who didn't expect Misugi, and coach Kira decides against making substitutions. Yoshiko and Yayoi have a girl talk about Misugi and Matsuyama. Netherlands attacks once again with Cruyfford leading and shooting with an aerial manoeuvre, but it is stopped by Jito on the first instance and Misugi on the second, to finally have Wakabayashi get the ball and start a quick counter attack with Ishizaki, who overlapped during the play. Ishizaki moves on the right side and evades a defender, leaving him close to the 6-yard box and ready to shoot.
17 "Another golden combination" (もう一つの黄金コンビ) Grand Jump #22 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-11-05 #2014-11-05 2014-10-15
Instead of shooting, Ishizaki centers the ball. The ball passes high over a heavily-marked Hyuga, but Tsubasa takes the chance to score a header, completing the play started by Ishizaki. After the restart, Cruyfford is closely marked one-on-one by Matsuyama, hindering the space he has to move. Despite this, he manages to shoot. Wakabayashi repels the shot and, as Luikal appears to be ready to shoot, Shingo takes the ball and evades two Dutch players plus Cruyfford's sliding tackle. Shingo then passes the ball to Tsubasa, who, along with Misaki, starts another counterattack.
18 "Proof of growth" (成長の証) Grand Jump #23 (2014) Grand Jump 2014-11-19 #2014-11-19 2014-11-05
With their combined play, Misaki and Tsubasa arrive to the penalty area, where Tsubasa feints a shoot to back-pass the ball to Misaki who then passes the ball to Hyuga. Hyuga shoots, but is blocked by Davi, so Hyuga takes the chance to jump above Davi with the ball to score with a Jumping Tiger Volley. At the end of the first half, with a 3-1 score in favor, in the dressing room coach Kira writes the tactic for the second half: "Attack is the best defense!!"
19 "Dutch prestige" (オランダの威信) Grand Jump #15 (2015) Grand Jump 2015-07-15 #2015-07-15 2015-07-01
As soon the match restarts, Shingo steals the ball and passes it to Tsubasa, who then quickly gives it to Misaki. Misaki starts the attack with Ishizaki, who is stopped by Kouman. But Shingo recovers the ball and gives it to Tsubasa. Davi appears to stop Japan's offensive, but Tsubasa is able to pass the ball to Hyuga. Hyuga does a volley that's blocked in the air by Cruyfford, who recovers the ball and starts the Netherlands attack.
20 "Stijn and Brian" (スタインとブライアン) Grand Jump #16 (2015) Grand Jump 2015-08-05 #2015-08-05 2015-07-15
While Cruyfford starts the attack, the chapter opens to a flashback in the Nehterlands when Cruyfford was 6 years old and his older brother Stijn was 14. The action resumes as, Cruyfford evades Nitta and Shingo tackles. As he faces Tsubasa, another flashback shows that Stijin died in a car accident at 20 years old. Back at the game, Cruyfford pases the ball to Davi who is alone as Ishizaki can't return to mark on time.
21 "Trap of lions" (獅子たちの罠) Grand Jump #17 (2015) Grand Jump 2015-08-19 #2015-08-19 2015-08-05
Davi attracts Misaki and Misugi to mark him and passes the ball to Cruyfford with a bicycle kick. As Tsubasa marks him, Cruyfford fakes going for the ball, forcing Tsubasa to jump and miss the ball and allowing Luikal to win the jump challenge against Jito. Luikal re-centers the ball towards Cruyfford and immediately executes his Spiral Jumping Volley.
22 "SGGK's gamble" (SGGKの賭け) Grand Jump #18 (2015) Grand Jump 2015-09-02 #2015-09-02 2015-08-19
Wakabayashi jumped quickly to block Cruyfford's shot by gambling where the ball would go, which allows him to deflect it towards the post. After the post, the ball goes towards the crossbar and back to the penalty area where Wakabayshi barely beats Cruyfford to the ball. Soda then clears the ball and Matsuyama picks it up. He is then fouled by Van Rhijn, but not before he passes the ball to Tsubasa, so the referee lets the play continue as the Golden Combi starts Japan's counterattack.
23 "Chain attack" (連撃) Grand Jump #19 (2015) Grand Jump 2015-09-16 #2015-09-16 2015-09-02
Despite Kouman's efforts, Tsubasa continues his offensive and passes the ball to Misaki. Rensenbrink tries to stop Misaki by fouling him, but Misaki is able to pass the ball back to Tsubasa. Tsubasa fakes a Drive Shot and passes the ball below Neelsen towards Hyuga. Nitta goes to the left as Hyuga turns towards the right faking a shot and doing a back-pass to the Golden Combi, who are clear thanks to Nitta's and Hyuga's play. Dolman manages to block the Twin Shot of Tsubasa and Misaki, but is unable to stop the Twin Volley Shot that followed the rebound, making Japan lead 4 to 1.
24 "Argentina's superiority" (アルゼンチンの雄) Grand Jump #20 (2015) Grand Jump 2015-10-07 #2015-10-07 2015-09-16
With a three goal lead and a stunned Dutch side, coach Kira replaces Ishizaki with Igawa, Shingo with Izawa and Nitta with Soga to tighten Japan's defense. Japans wins 4 to 1. A disappointed Cruyfford is cheered by his temamates as the Netherlands can still qualify. In the other match of the group, Argentina beats Nigeria 5-2, with Diaz easily winning the battle of the 10s against Nigeria's Ochado by scoring a hat-trick. The next match will be Japan vs Argentina.
25 "Festival of glory" (栄光の祭典) Grand Jump #3 (2016) Grand Jump 2016-01-20 #2016-01-20 2016-01-06
Results and highligths of several matches are shown in this chapter. In group B, Brazil beats China easily 6-2 with hat-tricks from both Santana and Natureza, who together easily countered Sho's efforts. In another match of the group, Schneider and Germany defeat Senegal, with Schneider scoring a hat-trick and Müller blocking all shots. From group B, France defeated Ghana while Mexico and South Korea tied.
26 "A man called Diaz" (ディアスという男) Grand Jump #4 (2016) Grand Jump 2016-02-03 #2016-02-03 2016-01-20
As the olympics continue, Tsubasa calls Sanae, while Hyuga watches Maki compete in softball. As the match between Japan and Argentina is about to start, Diaz in a flashback recalls how he was injured during the previous World Youth, and how after recovering he joined Boca Juniors and lead them to win the Copa Libertadores. As soon as the match starts, Diaz challenges Tsubasa.
27 "Miracle overhead" (ミラクルオーバーヘッド) Grand Jump #5 (2016) Grand Jump 2016-02-17 #2016-02-17 2016-02-03
Diaz dribbles Tsubasa with great technique. As Shingo tries to steal the ball, Diaz recovers it without problems and keeps up going and dribbling Matsuyama. When confronted by both Misugi and Igawa, Diaz passes the ball to Pascal and quickly does a cartwheel to evade them and receive the ball from Pascal to shot an overhead kick. Wakabayashi, however, immediately blocks the shot at point-blank range.
28 "Miracle overhead 2" (ミラクルオーバーヘッド②) Grand Jump #6 (2016) Grand Jump 2016-03-02 #2016-03-02 2016-02-17
Wakabayashi starts Japan's counterattack by passing the ball to Tsubasa. Combining with Misaki first, and then Shingo, Tsubasa get to Argentina's defense and passes the ball to Misaki to immediately replicate Diaz's cartwheel manouver and score with an overhead kick after a pass from Misaki. However, the goal is annulled for offside. Seeing Tsubasa's skill, Diaz vows to score a hat-trick while Tsubasa vows to win the game.
29 "Argentine cannon" (アルゼンチンの大砲) Grand Jump #7 (2016) Grand Jump 2016-03-16 #2016-03-16 2016-03-02
At the re-start of actions, Matsuyama steals a pass, but Diaz quickly recovers the ball. Misugi faces Diaz and stops Diaz's heel lift. As Pascal tries to get the ball, Igawa slides and recovers the ball to pass it to Soda. Soda does a 1-2 combination with Aoi, and then centers the ball to the area, where Nitta lets the ball pass to Hyuga. Hyuga's volley shot is stopped by two Argentinian defenders, so he backpasses the ball to Tsubasa. Tsubasa and Misaki do a Twin Shot, but Diaz coms quickly from behind and stops it with his body. Diaz then passes the ball to Pascal, who easily dribbles Aoi and then passes the ball to Galvan. Galvan executes his Galvan Cannon, a shot identical to Hyuga's Raiju Shot.
30 "Deadly corner kick" (必殺のコーナーキック) Grand Jump #8 (2016) Grand Jump 2016-04-06 #2016-04-06 2016-03-16
Wakabayashi traps Galvan's shot easily, suprising everyone. The action continues. After eluding Galvan, Tsubasa manages to use his Drive Shot despite Diaz efforts. But Galtoni is able to deflect the shot with one hand. The Japanese squad quickly gets ready for the corner kick. Tsubasa executes the corner kick which instead of going to the Japanese attackers in the box, goes behind towards a running Igawa that heads the ball towards the goal. Diaz, however, is able to save the goal at the last moment.
31 "End-to-end" (エンド・トゥ・エンド) Grand Jump #9 (2016) Grand Jump 2016-04-20 #2016-04-20 2016-04-06
Now with the ball and with most Japanese players out of position, Diaz quickly runs towards the Japanese goal, evading Soda and Aoi without stopping. Diaz faces Wakabayashi with Misaki chasing him from behind. As Misaki and Wakabayashi try to stop Diaz, he heel lifts the ball over them and towards the goal and manages to score, despite Tsubasa late attempt to stop the ball.
32 "Japanese treasure" (日本の宝) Grand Jump #10 (2016) Grand Jump 2016-05-04 #2016-05-04 2016-04-20
While Argentina celebrate their lead goal, Tsubasa thinks on the situation while laying on the grass. Afterwards, he motivates his teammates to get back on track. With the lead, Argentina now plays defensively and snatches the ball from the Japanese attack. Pascal keeps the ball for awhile until Soda recovers it and the Golden Combi start the Japanese attack. Galvan fouls Misaki and is given a yellow card. Japan prepares to execute a free kick just outside the penalty area.
33 "Diaz's Trap" (ディアスの罠) Grand Jump #11 (2016) Grand Jump 2016-05-18 #2016-05-18 2016-05-02
The Japanese try to do a team decoy with their free kick. It succeeds in tricking the Argentinian wall and allows Matsuyama's Eagle Shot to pass through. But Galtoni once again deflects the ball with one hand towards a corner kick as the first half ends. Meanwhile, Brazil is watching closely the match and each player gives their own prediction for the score. Once the second half starts, the Golden Combi initiate Japanese attack, but this time Diaz and Pascal use their own defensive combination to steal the ball and Diaz starts Argentina's counterattack.
34 "Hand of God" (神の手) Grand Jump #12 (2016) Grand Jump 2016-06-01 #2016-06-01 2016-05-18
Diaz manages to escape the tight grip of Tsubasa, Misaki, Matsuyama and Aoi by sending the ball towards the corner and making it rebound in the corner flag towards the field, where Pascal picks it up. Pascal centers the ball towards the penalty area where Diaz is arriving. Diaz's shot is deflected by Wakayabashi at close range. Diaz tries to reach the rebounded ball with his head, and manages to score. Wakabayashi protests the goal at once as it turns out that Diaz scored the goal with his hand, not his head. But the referee didn't see the hand, neither his linesman, so he has no choice but to validate the goal. The Japanese are dumbfounded, but Tsubasa quickly makes them regain their composture.


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