Captain Tsubasa: Moete Hero
07SH-1651 front
Front cover
Released 1985-06-01
Type Single
Artist(s) Takayuki Takemoto
Composer(s) Unknown
Label CBS/Sony
Catalog no. 07SH-1651
Media 1 EP
Tracks 2

Captain Tsubasa: Moete Hero (キャプテン翼 燃えてヒーロー) is a Takayuki Takemoto EP record for the second opening theme of the first Captain Tsubasa TV series. The record also has the ending theme of the movies Captain Tsubasa: Europe Daikessen and Captain Tsubasa: Asu ni Mukatte Hashire!. This single was originally published on 1985-06-01 by CBS/Sony.


Side AEdit

  1. Moete Hero (燃えてヒーロー, Burning hero) <performed by Takayuki Takemoto>

Side BEdit

  1. Longest Dream (ロンゲスト・ドリーム, The longest dream) <performed by Takayuki Takemoto>


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