Captain Tsubasa: Habatake Tsubasa
22AH-1783 front cover
Front cover
Released 1984-10
Type Drama album
Artist(s) Unknown
Composer(s) Unknown
Label CBS/Sony
Catalog no. 22AH-1783
Media 1 LP
Tracks 6

Captain Tsubasa: Habatake Tsubasa (キャプテン翼 はばたけ翼) is the second album about the TV series. The LP record was originally released on 1984-10. It is a drama album that also includes some other themes.


Side AEdit

  1. "Moete Hero" (燃えてヒーロー)
  2. "Shougakusei Hen: Shukumei no Taiketsu, Nankatsu vs Meiwa" (小学生編 宿命の対決、南葛vs明和) <Drama>
  3. "Captain Tsubasa Ouendan no Uta" (キャプテン翼応援団のうた)

Side BEdit

  1. "Moete Hero" <Instrumental>
  2. "Chuugakusei Hen: Mezase, San Renpa" (中学生編 めざせ、三連覇) <Drama>
  3. "Tsubasa yo Hashire! Captain Tsubasa Ouenka" (翼よ走れ! -キャプテン翼応援歌-)


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