Captain Tsubasa: Ayaushi! Zen Nippon Jr.
Captain Tsubasa Ayaushi! Zen Nihon Jr. (1985, Movie)
VHS cover
Chief director Hiroyoshi Mitsunobu
Producer(s) Hiromichi Shigegaki
Scenario Yoshiyuki Suga
Music Hiromoto Tobisawa
Studio Group TAC
Released 1985-07-13
Runtime 60 mins.

Captain Tsubasa: Ayaushi! Zen Nippon Jr. (キャプテン翼 危うし! 全日本Jr., Captain Tsubasa: Danger! All Japan Jr.) is the second film realted to Captain Tsubasa. It is the direct sequel to the film Captain Tsubasa: Europa Daikessen. The movie was released theatrically on 1985-12-21.

Following the first match, in the previous film, this is the return match between the the Japanese Jr. team and the All-star European Jr. team.


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