Captain Tsubasa: Ayaushi! Zen Nippon Jr.!!
Captain Tsubasa: Danger! All Japan Jr.
Captain Tsubasa Ayaushi! Zen Nihon Jr. (1985 Movie)
VHS cover
Chief director Hiroyoshi Mitsunobu
Producer(s) Hiromichi Shigegaki
Scenario Yoshiyuki Suga
Music Hiromoto Tobisawa
Studio Group TAC
Released 1985-07-13
Runtime 60 mins.
Captain Tsubasa: Ayaushi! Zen Nippon Jr. (キャプテン翼 危うし! 全日本Jr., Captain Tsubasa: Danger! All Japan Jr.) is the second film realted to Captain Tsubasa. It is the direct sequel to the film Captain Tsubasa: Europa Daikessen. The movie was released theatrically on 1985-12-21.

More than a year has passed and All Europe Jr. Youth wants to get even with U-14 Japan. Schneider has prepared a special shot for the occasion. Against all odds, players Genzo Wakabayashi and Kojiro Hyuga are not able to play the match as regulars, which puts the Japanese national team in a pinch.

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This is the second Tsubasa movie, which is a follow-up from the first movie, in a second match between U-14 Japan and All Europe Jr.. At the airport, everyone welcomes the newly arrived All Europe Jr. They want a fair and square game. Suddenly coach Makoto Kitazume (Toho) arrives and says that Hyuga will not participate since he is training with coach Kira in the mountains. Hyuga is indeed frustrated from losing against Tsubasa on the Juveniles Tournament on Yomiuri Land, and is developping a power shoot. Next morning, U-14 Japan comes to the soccer field, where All Europe Jr. is currently playing against Musashi middle school. At the end, the match ends 10: 0 for the Europeans. After the game, the Japanese meet Schneider, Gustav Heffner and their previous rivals. Schneider tells Wakabayashi that he has developed a new shoot especially for him, and Heffner swears that this time he will not get any goal from Tsubasa. Meanwhile, Kojiro tries to shoot the Eagle in the mountains in order to get a glimpse of his new shoot.

Then the return match against the European selection begins. The Japanese are surprised that Genzo is not playing again from the start, and Jun Misugi is also appearing. Immediately after the kick-off Japan comes into possession and stormed resolutely towards the opposing goal. After a nice combination game Tsubasa gets the ball. He unscrews and puts on his fall-back. Schneider grabs in between but Tsubasa can still shoot. Heffner holds the ball but no problem. All Europe Jr. counter-attack is underway and Pierre is free to shoot, but Wakashimazu fends off, Steve Robson grabs the ball and shoots, but the Tachibana brothers can stop the shot, the ball comes back to Pierre, who heads for a flying volley shoot. The header is held by Ken. After beautiful combinations of Sawada comes to the ball, he fits directly further on Tsubasa, who meets 1:0 for Japan. Schneider now starts a counter-attack and unpacks his new shot, the approaching ball hits Ken in the face, this is hurled against the post and the ball lands in the end. Now Morisaki gets his chance. The corner is executed by Schester, who fits Schneider, and "the Emperor" shoots full force on goal. The ball hits Morisaki in the face. Steve Robson can conquer the ball and shoot, Morisaki does not react because he is now afraid of the ball. Steve balances to 1:1. Immediately thereafter, All Europe Jr. is back on the ball, this time Pierre shoots the goal and scored the 1:2.

At half-time, Katagiri tries to convince the sports council that Genzo is allowed to play. Wakabayashi was not allowed to play from the start, since he plays in Germany himself for Hamburg Jr. Youth.

Now the second half begins and again you can only see All Europe Jr. on the ball. Karl-Heinz Schneider starts again for the shot, but Morisaki can hold, as Wakabayashi has shouted something to him. Morisaki has kept the ball, but he has injured himself and so it comes to the Genzo Wakabayashi may play. Schneider can finally compete against Wakabayashi. Now U-14 Japan is attacking and Tsubasa has the ball, but Schneider manages to capture the ball. Schneider storms the goal and shoots, but Genzo can hold. Suddenly you can see that Hyuga has made it to the game, he comes in and gets the ball from Sawada. Hyuga immediately starts with his newly learned technique and shoots. Heffner underestimates the shot and Hyuga can equalize to 2: 2. Fully motivated Hyuga storms again on the gate, but this time Steve can fend off the shot with his body. Then finally the "Prince of Football" Jun Misugi can be substituted. He even manages to take the ball off Schneider. Schneider tries again and again to conquer the ball, but the technically perfect Misugi leaves the "Emperor" no chance. Finally, Jun plays on Tsubasa and this scored the 3-2 for Japan. Kick off Schneider, who immediately starts his new Mirage Shot, which is also called "Illusion Shoot". Schneider shoots and instead of the ball you only lights and several ball illusion effects. Genzo can not respond and behind the Japanese keeper appears the ball on the goal net. The last attack belongs again to the Japanese, Hyuga shoots but the ball bangs against the inner post and Heffner can barely hold on. After this scene, the game is over and there is an extension. Immediately Schneider puts his new technique back on, but Genzo closes his eyes using his "Sixth sense trick", and so can eventually hold Schneider's Mirage Shot. Now Japan is on the ball, and Misugi stormed forward determined. Suddenly Steve Robson comes and bumps into Jun and hits him right on the heart. However, Misugi still manages to pass Tsubasa, who is doubting himself and wants to make the decision with one of his throw-offs, but Schneider also starts, but Tsubasa manages to put the ball on goal. The ball bounces off Heffner's shoulder and lands 4:3 in a resulting goal, winning the match.


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Techniques and Special abilities Edit

  • Dribble
  • Eagle Shot (Hyuga version)
  • Ganmen block
  • Killer shot: With this, Schneider was able to beat both Wakashimazu and Morisaki by doing a bullet shot with a back spin effect at the end that is able to hit the goalkeeper's face. Only Wayabayashi was able to counter it effectively (Morisaki barely stop it with a Ganmen block).
  • Mirage Shot (Schneider): a powerful shot that makes color-light illusions to anyone who tried to counter it.
  • Sankakugeri (Wakashimazu)
  • Sixth sense trick (Wakabayashi)
  • Triangle Shot (Tsubasa version)
  • Volley shot
    • Flying volley shot

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