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Break Off
Released 2002-09-04
Type Single
Artist(s) DASEIN
Label avex trax
Catalog no. AVCD-30370
Media 1 CD
Tracks 3

Break Off!! (BREAK OFF!!) is DASEIN's maxi single for the fourth ending theme of the 2001 TV anime series. The CD was originally released on 2002-09-04 under the label avex trax.


  1. Break Off!! (BREAK OFF!!) <3:51> <performed by DASEIN>
  2. Eiyuu Pierrot (英雄ピエロ) <4:50> <performed by DASEIN>
  3. Bureikou (無礼講) <4:18> <performed by DASEIN>



Break off!! - Dasein (captain tsubasa ending)03:54

Break off!! - Dasein (captain tsubasa ending)

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