Japanese name ボッシ
Nationality French
Birthday October 10
Height 167 cm (JBC)
Weight 57 kg (JBC)
Blood type A
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa (1981) manga chapter 89 "Another strong player"
Level Team Number
Junior Youth National France Jr. Youth 11

Bossi is a forward of France Jr. Youth. He wears the number 11 uniform.


J Boys' Challenge ArcEdit

Preparing for the Junior Youth tournament

Bossi is first seen in France Jr. Youth's test match against Paris Saint-Germain FC. Elle Sid Pierre creates a good chance for Bossi, however the latter misses it. When Taro Misaki suddenly appears and challenge the whole French team, Bossi is the first player to confront him, but is unable to do anything.

Junior Youth Tournament

France is in the same group as England and Malaysia. They defeat both teams and advance to the semifinal, thanks to Pierre and Louis Napoleon.

The semifinal is against Japan. Bossi has a chance to shoot after Japan's offside, and even though it is punched away, Napoleon still scores on the repelled ball. His second shooting chance is at the start of the second half, once again after Japan's offside. Ken Wakashimazu catches the shot this time, however.

Bossi manages to get the ball into Japan's goal once, after Wakashimazu fails to catch Napoleon's Cannon Shoot. The goal isn't validated however, because of Napoleon's rough play against Mamoru Izawa earlier.

After 90 minutes, the scores is tied 4-4. Neither side manages to score during extra time, forcing the game to go into the PK shootout.

In the PK shootout, Wakashimazu manages to follow Bossi's shoot, but can't stop it because of his injured hand. Ultimately, Napoleon fails the fifth kick, and France lose 4-5 in the shootout.

Abilities and Special techniques Edit

Games exclusive Edit

Trivia Edit

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