Azumi Hayakawa


早川 あづみ
Misaki's classmate in France, All Japan Jr. Youth's supporter, Misaki's love interest
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 90

Azumi Hayakawa is a French Nikkei[1] young woman who attended the same school as Misaki during his two and a half year stay in Paris. Her first appearance is during the Junior Youth tournament, where she and some of her friends supported Japan Jr. Youth. She holds a deep affection for Misaki and always cheers for him passionately. 

Synopsis Edit

Captain Tsubasa Arc Edit

Azumi is a tomboyish girl just like Sanae used to be. She was first seen getting angry at a crowd of French people who said Japan was just a 3rd rate country for soccer. Misaki introduced her as "France's Anego". Even though she has a strong personality, she was shown to have a feminine side, as she was crying when she and other friends of Misaki came to see him off at the airport.

World Youth Arc Edit

Azumi returned to Japan some time before the events in "Strongest opponent! Holland Youth" happened. She was shown watching the first match between All Japan and Holland Youth on TV. At that time, Misaki had fallen into a slump, as he couldn't win against Kojiro Hyuga during his 3 years in high school and failed to play soccer on his own, without Tsubasa. She came to the stadium to cheer for Misaki in the third match, and thanks to her, Misaki was finally able to escape from his slump. Later, when Misaki had his left leg broken because of a traffic accident, Azumi was the one who searched for a good doctor and then introduced him to doctor Shibasaki.

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