Arthur Antines Coimbra
Japanese name アルツール・アンチネス・コインブラ
Nickname Super Striker
Nationality Brazilian
Position(s) Midfielder
Debut Captain Tsubasa 2: Super Striker (Famicom)
Level Team Number
National Brazil 10/11
Club CR Flamengo 10

Profile Edit

Coimbra is a Tecmo original character who only appears in Tecmo's production. He made his debut in Captain Tsubasa 2: Super Striker. His name is a reference to Zico's real name, Arthur Antunes Coimbra.

In Captain Tsubasa 2, he was a secret weapon that Brazil Youth's coach, Roberto Hongo had preserved until the World Youth finals. The extent of his ability could be seen from the fact that Roberto gave him the number 10 uniform instead of Carlos Santana.

In Captain Tsubasa 4, he was playing in CR Flamengo along with Santana. Depend on how the game is played, he might also become part of the Brazilian team that takes part in the Latin America Cup, along with Tsubasa, Stratto, Ishizaki and some other Brazilian players.

He did not appear as a player in Captain Tsubasa 5, since he had suffered a serious injury and his soccer career was endangered. Santana had fallen into a slump after that, because of the shock of losing his friend and the fear of injury. However, when Santana went to the hospital to visit Coimbra, Coimbra said that he didn't regret anything. Santana was revived after that, and achieved victory in the Copa America. Later, after the match between Japan and Brazil in the World Tournament, Coimbra said that he would return from this injury, since he wanted to fight against Tsubasa.

Special techniques Edit

  • Dribbling Speed: Though not exactly a special technique, Coimbra can run twice as fast as the normal players, therefore no one is able to catch up to him to defend. This is similar to Macher of Poland Youth, as well as Juan Diaz's Sense of Genius.
  • Mach Shoot: Coimbra's signature shot. It is a powerful shot that was shot out at a very high speed, making the ball disappear along the way, then reappear suddenly.
  • Overhead Kick
  • Lethal Twin Shoot (with Santana)

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