Japanese name アモロ
Nationality French
Birthday June 27
Height 172 cm (JBC)
Weight 65 kg (JBC)
Blood type A
Position(s) Goalkeeper
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa (1981) manga chapter 92 "Perfect come back! Golden Combi!!"
Level Team Number
Junior Youth National France Jr. Youth 1

Amoro is the goalkeeper of France Jr. Youth.

In France's first match, against England, he concedes 1 goal. And, against Japan, he isn't able to do much, resulting in France's lost, 4-5, in the PK shootout.


  • Amoro is never seen defending against shots, or even touching the ball. That includes Japan's four disallowed goals, Tsubasa Ozora's shot that hits the post, and the PK shootout as well.
  • His name is a reference to the French footballer Manuel Amoros

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