Dream Team
Squad (Dream Team)
CTJ: Get in the Tomorrow PSX
Nationality Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, Thailand
Captain Karl Heinz Schneider
First appearance CTJ: Get in the Tomorrow PSX
Schneider and Kaltz (Dream Team)
This is the strongest team in the CTJ: Get in the Tomorrow game, during the history mission of All Japan Youth. In Mission 15, after beating R.J.7 for the second time, there is a final match where All Japan Youth plays against the Dream Team, also known as "World" team.

Profile Edit

Here, the Japan team will play against the best world players, including:

Strategy Edit

In order to properly face this team, it is mandatory to use Tsubasa, Shingo, Hyuga and Soda since their special are more than helpful since not even Wakabayashi can stop most of opponent shots and their GK is really good, he will stop the special shoots most of the time.

Squad Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Gino Hernandez
2 Chana Konsawatto
3 Sakun Konsawatto
4 Singprasert Bunnark
5 Faran Konsawatto
8 Hermann Kaltz
11 Elle Sid Pierre
7 Louis Napoleon
9 Juan Diaz
10 Karl Heinz Schneider Captain
12 Alan Pascal


  • Müller was not included as goalkeeper but Gino Hernandez, probably due to some continuity issues with Captain Tsubasa J.
  • In this "Dream Team", there are not any Japanese, Chinese, Uruguay or Brazilian players.

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