All Japan Jr. Youth
Japanese 全日本ジュニア(Jr.)ユース
Nickname J-boys
Captain Kojiro Hyuga[1]
Hikaru Matsuyama[2]
Tsubasa Ozora
Achievement International Jr. Youth Tournament champion

For the International Jr. Youth Tournament, held in France, players who had good performance in the Japanese national middle school tournament[3] were chosen to join All Japan Jr. Youth training camp. Only 17 out of those 24 players would be chosen to take part in the Europe campaign. Later, with Tsubasa Ozora[3][4], Taro Misaki, Genzo Wakabayashi and Jun Misugi[5] joining, the All Japan Jr. Youth team was formed with 21 players.

Results Edit

Training camp Edit

Friendly matches Edit

International Jr. Youth Tournament Edit

Group stage

Final round

Squad Edit

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
1 Ken Wakashimazu
21 Yuzo Morisaki
22 Genzo Wakabayashi
5 Hiroshi Jito
6 Shingo Takasugi
7 Makoto Soda
12 Hikaru Matsuyama
14 Ryo Ishizaki
2 Masao Tachibana
3 Kazuo Tachibana
8 Mamoru Izawa
10 Tsubasa Ozora Captain
11 Taro Misaki
15 Takeshi Sawada
16 Mitsuru Sano
24 Jun Misugi
9 Kojiro Hyuga
17 Hajime Taki
18 Shun Nitta
19 Kazuki Sorimachi
20 Teppei Kisugi


  1. Since Tsubasa was injured and couldn't join the training camp, Hyuga became the captain.
  2. Hyuga gave up the captain mark after the loss against Hamburg Jr., therefore Matsuyama became the new captain. He later gave the mark to Tsubasa.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Because of Tsubasa's injury, Nitta, who Tsubasa faced during the Shizuoka prefecture tournament, replaced him.
  4. As Tsubasa didn't join the training camp, he wasn't considered to be part of the team until after the match against Bremen Jr., where Tsubasa challenged Gino Hernandez along with his team and successfully defeat them.
  5. Before being registered as a player, Misugi only joined the team as an assistant coach.
  6. These players joined the training camp, but didn't get selected.

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