Kanji アルシオン
Nickname Perfect Masterpiece
Position(s) Midfielder
Debut Captain Tsubasa 5: Hasha no Shogo Campione (SFC)
Level Team Number
Club Campione 10

Story Edit

Alcyone is the captain of Campione, an Arab owned football club who made it into the finals of the World Tournament.

Praised by Joan Aragones as the perfect masterpiece that he has ever coached, Alcyone excels in every aspect in terms of power, speed & technique.

But during the match against Japan, he realizes that although Campione is stronger than Japan in every way, but Japan still seems to have an edge against them due to the incredible teamwork chemistry. Thus, Alcyone lead the team into a different play style on the second half but it is too late...

Special Skills Edit

  • Shooting Star: Using his tremendous leap power, Alcyone performs a downward volley shot after jumping into the sky.
  • Star Burst: Leveraging on his tremendous kick power, Alcyone delivers a shot that is as fast as a blazing star.
  • Overhead Kick
  • Shadow Strike: Alcyone pretends to shoot the ball, but it is actually a pass for Shun Nitta who is hiding behind him and shoots while the goalkeeper is off guard.
  • La Orquesta: Utilizing the whole team's speed and technique, Campione performs a high speed one touch one-two combo. Similar to tiki taka playstyle.
  • Artistic Dribble
  • Backspin Pass

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