Japanese name アルベルト
Nationality Brazilian
Birthday August 30
Height 178 cm (BWY)
Weight 70 kg (BWY)
Blood type O
Position(s) Defender
First appearance
World Youth Hen (1994) chapter 61 "The strong Brazil!"
Level Team Number
National Olympic Brazil
Youth National Brazil Youth 2

Alberto is the libero and captain of Brazil Youth. He often helps Salinas in defending shots from the opposite teams.

His name and status as captain is reference to Carlos Alberto Torres.


Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

Preparations for the World Youth

Alberto is part of the Brazilian Youth team. At some point the first round of the Asian preliminaries ends, in Brazil, Brazil Youth crush Uruguay Youth 10-0 in a test match.

World Youth Tournament

Brazil easily wins all 3 matches in the group stage of the World Youth.

Alberto's first appearance in the manga is shown through the footage of his play against Uruguay, the team they have beaten 10-0 earlier, in the quarterfinals. In that match, he doesn't allow Ramon Victorino to get past, even blows the latter away with his strong tackles. The match ends with a great difference again, 6-0. Then, Brazil proceed to beat Germany 5-0 in the semifinals, advancing to the finals with 30 goals scored, no goals taken, and the ace Carlos Santana achieving a hat-trick in every match.

The final match is against All Japan Youth. Despite his and his teammates' effort, and the team even releasing their secret weapon, Natureza, Brazil still loses 2-3.

Rising Sun ArcEdit

Alberto is part of Olympic Brazil. The team has a strengthening match against Belgium, and they swiftly crush the opponent, with their two aces, Santana and Natureza achieving a hat-trick each.

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