Alan Pascal
Japanese name アラン・パスカル
Nationality Argentinian
Birthday October 25
Height 165 cm (JBC)
Weight 53 kg (JBC)
Blood type O
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa (1981) manga chapter 86 "Greetings from an old enemy"
Level Team Number
National Olympic Argentina 12
Youth National Argentina Youth
Junior Youth National Argentina Jr. Youth 12
Youth Club Argentinos Jr. Youth 12

Alan Pascal is an Argentinian forward and partner of Juan Diaz.

He and Diaz grew up together, had always been best friends and did everything together, including playing soccer.


Prior to the J Boys' Challenge ArcEdit

Pascal first met Diaz at the age of 5, as they are neighbors. They soon became best friends. The two practiced together and proved to be good at soccer, even managed to win against 11 opponents.

When Pascal was 12, thanks to Diaz, he was recruited by his hometown's club along with the latter; and a year later, they won the under 14 club teams' championship, becoming Argentina's number one in their generation.

J Boys' Challenge ArcEdit

European Friendlies

Pascal's first appearance is among the audience of the match between Hamburg Jr. Youth and All Japan Jr. Youth, along with Diaz. They are there to observe the ace of Hamburg and West Germany Jr. Youth, Karl Heinz Schneider. As they watch the match, they remark that Genzo Wakabayashi and Kojiro Hyuga has some good moves, and Asian's soccer level, Japan's in particular, has improved, however they are still no match for Argentina. They also wonder why Schneider isn't moving, and even begin to doubt that he is Europe's number one player. They are amazed when Schneider shows his true ability, however.

Argentina's coach, Diego Barbas, meets the two after the match, and asks them about it. Diaz says they have to be careful of Schneider and West Germany. Barbas continues to ask if they see a great player wearing the number 10 uniform in All Japan, Tsubasa Ozora. The two answer that they didn't see anyone like that, the only great Japanese player they saw is on Hamburg's side, Wakabayashi. Barbas reveals that the one giving the information about Tsubasa is Roberto Hongo.

Junior Youth Tournament

Upon seeing Tsubasa's play in the match between Japan and Italy, Diaz and Pascal realize that he must be the one Barbas told them about. As Italy's pivot player, Gino Hernandez is injured during that match, Argentina easily defeat them 5-0 in the next match.

Their next match is against Japan. As Tsubasa learns from Diaz that Roberto is watching from the stands, he becomes absent minded at the beginning of the match. Because of that, Diaz and Pascal easily gets the ball from him with a 2-phase attack. The two then use their combi play to gets past the Japanese players, which end with Diaz scoring the opening goal.

Following Japan's kick off, Hyuga eventually gets the ball. Pascal manages to lure him into a difficult position before Galvan regains possession for Argentina. Diaz scores Argentina's second goal on Pascal's pass, and then soon completes his hattrick, giving Argentina a 3-0 lead very early.

Japan's Golden Combi manages to beat Diaz and Pascal in the following play, and Japan narrow the gap shortly after. Pascal's next play is a return pass to Diaz after the latter gets past Tsubasa, but Taro Misaki cuts it. He later gets a shooting chance, but since it is done in a difficult position, Ken Wakashimazu easily catches it. The first half ends 3-2.

In the second half, after Diaz prevents Tsubasa from scoring, Argentina start a counter, but before the ball reaches Pascal in front, Hyuga intercepts it. Argentina take the ball back though, and send it to Pascal again. As Ryo Ishizaki and Makoto Soda are ready to block his shot, Pascal does an overhead pass to Diaz instead. Diaz does a second Drive Shoot, but Ken Wakashimazu repels it. Pascal then takes the ball back and passes to Diaz again, however Diaz still can't score, and Japan even equalize during the following counter attack, despite Pascal blocking Hyuga's shot before that.

Argentina quickly lose the ball after the kick off, as Diaz lost his cool after the equalizer. Pascal and the other Argentinian players defends however, with the former stopping Hyuga with a Scissors Tackle. They manages to send the ball back to Diaz, who regains his composure and takes the lead for Argentina again.

Japan equalize again however. Pascal got his second shooting chance after that, but Wakashimazu defends once more. When there are 2 minutes left, Japan reverse the score. 5-4 for Japan is also the final score.

Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

Pascal is part of Argentina Youth, participating in the World Youth. Like many others, he is bent on avenging his earlier loss and winning against Tsubasa. His team finish second in the group stage, behind Netherlands. They lose to Germany in the quarterfinal by 2-3, however.

Rising Sun ArcEdit

To be added as series progresses

Abilities and Special techniques Edit

  • Assist: Even though a forward, Pascal is good at passing, and is usually the one doing the assists for Diaz.
  • Overhead Kick
  • Argentina Golden Combi (with Diaz): Diaz and Pascal can use fast continuous passes to get past their opponents.
  • Scissors Tackle: As the opponent jumps, Pascal tackles from below with both legs.
  • Chokkaku (Right Angle) Feint: In Rising Sun, Pascal can use this special technique of Shingo Aoi.
  • Combination tackle (with Diaz)

Games exclusive Edit

Image Edit


  • Pascal's name and character is mainly based on Pedro Pablo Pasculli.
  • In the Italian dub of Shin Captain Tsuabsa was dubbed in Italy, his name was "Alan Pascual", while when Road to 2002 anime was dubbed, his name was changed to "Pascual Herrera".