Akira Ichinose
Japanese name 一ノ瀬 明
Nickname(s) Musashi's Striker
Nationality Japanese
Birthday September 27
Position(s) Forward
First appearance
Captain Tsubasa chapter 26
Level Team Number
Junior Musashi 9


Akira Ichinose is one player of Musashi's forward trio. In Yomiuri Land, he and the other two of the trio, Shinji Sanada and Minoru Honma, helped Musashi won their matches even without Misugi. However, in the semi-final, Musashi lost to Nankatsu, 4-5.

In middle school, the team made it to the final of Tokyo prefecture tournament, against Toho Academy. Despite trying their best, Ichinose and his teammate couldn't prevent Hyuga from scoring 3 goals. After that, Misugi went in and scored 2 goals for Musashi. However Musashi still lost 2-3 to Toho.